Gaga’s “switched baristas” dismissal of Caitlyn Jenner is our new go-to phrase

Lady Gaga tells Caitlyn Jenner she's
Caitlyn Jenner talks with Lady Gaga on Sunday in West Hollywood (Photo: Twitter)

Lady Gaga had an encounter with Caitlyn Jenner at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscars viewing party on Sunday evening, which many online have branded super awkward.

The party took place in West Hollywood. In the clip, Jenner, 72, is seen approaching Gaga just before the red carpet procession into the party.

Jenner asks the singer and actress, “Are you spending time around Malibu anymore?”

Gaga simply replies, “Yes.”

Jenner persists, saying, “I haven’t seen you at the Starbucks in a while.”

Gaga looks briefly unsure how to respond, before saying, “Well, I’ve — I’ve switched baristas.” She then turns away.

Jenner then says, “Well good seeing you,” prompting party co-host David Furnish (Elton John’s husband), to say firmly, “Good seeing you, Caitlyn.”

If Gaga, a vocal Democrat supporter who sang at Biden’s inauguration, was worried about Jenner, a Republican, accompanying her down the red carpet, the situation was avoided.

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The exchange prompted a huge response online. Many said “switched baristas” had become instantly iconic. Others expressed sympathy for the Starbucks staff in Malibu who now miss out on seeing Lady Gaga.

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