Manners Are Sexy And Will Get You Laid, Says Fun Gay-Etiquette Web Series

Style hunters, take note. Here’s what’s going to be HOT HOT HOT this season: manners.

No, for real. Etiquette and proper behavior are totally in. Being considerate gets you more than good karma—displaying a little gallantry is suave and sexy as hell.

And what luck! Steven Petrow, America’s master of LGBT manners, has just launched a new web series about how to be at your best behavior without feeling like a stodgy prude. Petrow’s cute-as-a-button videos tackle the big issues: is it OK to lie online? How do you make a good impression when you’re speed-dating? Should you Google your beau?

Dan Savage may have bought Ann Landers’ desk, but he’s not the only advice game in town. And crucially, he doesn’t have two adorable boys acting out etiquette-themed vignettes. Is that the adorable Jeffrey Self in Steven Petrow’s videos, whom we last saw on Jeffrey & Cole Casserole and an all-too-fleeting scene on Torchwood? Why yes, yes it is. Yay! And is that bottom-curious Michael Carbonaro joining him? It is? Yay again!

So there you have it! Next time someone says, “ooh, beHAVE,” now you can say “I shall, thanks to the guidance of Steven Petrow,” and also “hahaha did you just make an Austin Powers reference what is wrong with you.”

PS. Is every web video lately starting with a short commercial for AARP for you? Or is that just us? We are nervous that the Internet thinks we’re old now because we talked about manners.