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Gay Bashing Latin King Goonies: We Are The Real Victims

With eight of nine Latin King Goonies in custody following the brutal Bronx anti-gay attack on two teens and a 30-year-old man, members of the street crew are telling investigators they are the victims. You see, if they didn’t follow instructions from their elders to abuse these three men in an abandoned building (and later rob the man’s brother in his home), then they would’ve been terrorized.

Police sources said several members of the Latin King Goonies told detectives they would have been slashed and beaten if they did not help torment the defenseless victims. The threats were allegedly made by ringleader Ildefonso (Cheto) Mendez, who orchestrated the homophobic assaults after learning that a 17-year-old gang recruit was gay. That recruit was made to watch as they sodomized his older boyfriend with a miniature baseball bat – and the teen was then forced to burn his lover with cigarettes.

Is it so hard to believe these young men were also victimized? Not really. Fear is what gangs — no matter how low-level, like the Goonies — thrive on to recruit members and keep everybody in line. Cross the leaders and you write your own death sentence. Moreover, the 17-year-old victim was a recruit himself, ordered to be abused because he is gay. It was a stark lesson also aimed at existing members: this is what happens when you violate our code.

If their claims of fear and intimidation are true, does it let them off the hook? No. But it’s like the story of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan: sexually abused youngsters age out and become the pimps, entrapping youthful versions of their former selves for the same regimen of horror. And while it’s difficult to feel any sympathy for human beings who torture other people, any social worker will tell you they were groomed for this type of behavior, and their “mentors” are even worse.

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    Who wants to lay odds the bottom row middle one was the one who recruited the Gay victim?

  • ousslander

    bottom middle pick looks a shmear of lipstick away from being a dragqueen. There is no excuse unbless from birth they were raised like that and had no experience with the outside world. May karma/go whatever work quick and take em out

  • Mark

    Sure, they can ignore elders who tell them to go to school, find a job and make something of their life. But if one tells them to beat up a gay person…….

  • REBELComx

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a few for each of the images above, left to right, top bottom.
    1. bitter, self loathing queer.
    2. questioning, insecure, wannabe thug
    3. two words, Down Low
    4. again, Down Low
    5. Latin King … or Queen?
    6. BJ in the men’s room crackhead.

  • Hilarious

    @REBELComx: I like how you reserved the words “Down Low” for the ones you felt looked black and a different vernacular for the rest.


  • Cam

    Ok Fine, so they are claiming that they were told they HAD to do this or they would have been terrorized?

    Great, then you use this as a conspiracy to commit murder to bring in the entire gang and throw them all in prison and toss the key.

    As for these six being “Innocent Victims” I would be willing to bet that every single one of them has been arrested before for a violent assault and either was let out for being a minor or was given a suspended sentance because the jails were crowded.

  • ewe

    throw them in prison and let them rot.

  • Kieran

    So let’s see, they wanted to show their disgust and revulsion at male homosexuality, so they stripped their male victims nude, tied them up naked, and then proceeded to stick foreign objects into their assholes? If these guys weren’t gay already, they probably are now.

  • REBELComx

    @Hilarious: Actually didn’t pay attention to their skin color at all. More like bone structure, grooming, and facial expression. To me, 3 doesn’t really look any darker than 2. I don’t really think any of them look “black.” they all look pretty mixed to me, especially considering they are LATIN Kings. DL is not strictly a black term. Sheesh, it’s a good thing I didn’t say 1. looks like Doctor Octopus, or I’d get flack for calling him fat.

  • daftpunkydavid

    ummm your analogy to bacha bazi, except for your -and my- judgement that both are morally reprehensible, is completely inadequate… i don’t have the luxury of time, so i can’t expand on my position, but suffice it to say, you’re attempting to compare a custom, whereby the scarcity of women (because of nutty religious mores) is “compensated” by pederasty, to the “abused-becomes-abuser” storyline to which we’ve all become familiar… i really don’t see how you can make such a comparison

  • Ogre Magi

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Yeah, he looks quite pretty! Too bad he is evil!

  • Ken S

    Uh, when there’s 8 or 9 of you and 1 asshole trying to use intimidation and violence to boss you around, you’ve got to be pretty fucking stupid not to realize “hey, we outnumber this asshole 8 or 9 to 1; we don’t have to take his shit or do what he tells us.”

    One fuck with a box cutter is in no position to intimidate eight other fucks with box cutters into doing anything they don’t want to do. If their consciences objected to the orders they were given, they could have mutinied. They didn’t. That makes them either stupid fucking cowards, or willingly complicit, or both. In either case I say string ’em up from lampposts and beat them with sticks until candy spills out onto the street.

    What I found just as outrageous when I read about this on HuffPo was the attitude of the neighbourhood’s residents. “Oh, we knew they were a gang, and we knew they occasionally got drunk and beat people up, but we thought they were good kids! We never thought they’d do anything like this, we’re shocked and outraged! Oh, but none of *us* reported the crime to the police because we don’t talk to cops, we don’t trust the pigs.” Really?? You tolerate gang behaviour on your streets and you obstruct law-enforcement, but you’re “shocked” when a bunch of thugs do what thugs always inevitably do? Bullshit! The people who put up with gang activity on their front doorsteps and think more of the delinquent youths than the police sound disingenuous (at best) when they claim to be surprised that such a disgusting crime could happen in their neighbourhood.

  • Pucifer

    AW this is the saddest story I ever did hear! Let’s hope the D.A. lets them all go free, so that they can return to studying for the priesthood or to become doctors…

  • ForeverGay

    Here we have gay people in this comment section who are too cowardly to hold HETEROSEXUALS accountable for their anti-gay bigotry so they try to make these heterosexual criminals seem gay because you know there is nothing worse than that. When are gay people going to think on their own? We have gay people who continue to use the language of heterosexuals/ oppressors against gay people. These are heterosexual criminals and for those that think these heterosexual criminals are going to have a hard time in prison think again.

  • tallskin2

    Do I have any sympathy for these homophobic, torturing thugs?


  • RomanHans

    My favorite part: one guy’s girlfriend said he couldn’t have done it because he was with her at the time, while his father said sure, he was there, but he didn’t do anything.

  • Queer Supremacist



    Heterosexuals who bash gays want to be gay about as much as Klansmen want to be black and Nazis want to be Jewish. They bash gays to enforce the fatuous idea that breeders are superior to gays, when they should know the opposite is true, but they just can’t accept it.

    Deport these pendejos. Send them back to what ever banana republic they came from. And ban them from ever coming back. Or better yet, slowly lower them in a big vat of sulfuric acid. Fuck the ban on “cruel and unusual punishments,” these breeder bigots need to suffer.

    Ten breeder eyes for a gay eye.
    Ten breeder teeth for a gay tooth.
    Ten breeder lives for a gay life.

  • UpStaircase

    Good thing McCain didn’t win the Presidency. (Some) gays would be screaming that all these homophobic attacks and suicides are because of him and it wouldn’t have happened if we’d had Obama.

  • Yellow Bone

    Actually. They probably would have gotten tortured. That’s how Latin gangs work, no matter how small or unknown. They show no mercy (I’m Latina.)

    What makes this sad is that one of them has a kid and a very illegal marriage (Girl is 15. Under age of consent. Therefore, in addition to charges for this, he should be punished for violating that law too)

    @Queer Supremacist: Because the way to express our anger is to hate every heterosexual and every Latino/Latina.

    Good fucking job putting that together.

  • UpStaircase

    I wonder if the real Latin Kings, who have always been an organized criminal gang but who are nevertheless into more important things to waste one iota of time to go after people for being gay, are annoyed that this group of little punks sort of usurped their name, causing some of the public to get the two groups confused ?

  • ewe

    @ForeverGay: you missed one point. they are young, juicy and moist and will be viewed as quite delectable to other heterosexuals.

  • ewe

    @Yellow Bone: shut it. what those animals did cannot be justified. Words are different than actions. you yourself put down latinos as savage. Read your own comment.

  • Yellow Bone

    @ewe: Did I ever justify what they did? No. I think gangs are terrorist groups. I merely pointed out that they were probably telling the truth.

    I also did NOT put down Latinos as savage. I said that Latin gangs were ruthless. But I suppose in your head, every Latino is in a gang. Like I said before…since a Latino attacked gays, every Latino must hate gays. Even though there are gay Latinos.

    According to you and Queer Supremacist, every Latino hates gays and every heterosexual hates gays too.

  • UpStaircase

    You’re right, Yellow Bone. I don’t dislike Queer Supremacist but I think he goes way to far in anger with these generalizations. (I’m not politically correct at all, but what’s fair is fair. Latino gangs are ruthless, as any gang of any ethnicity is ruthless. As for “Latino Culture”…I’d say that’s pretty broad and varied and far-reaching. It depends on what country one is from, what “class” of people. etc. etc. Actually, in NYC anyway, those identified as “Latino/Hispanic”, in polls, have shown they’re equal to Caucasians in support of same-sex marriage, and in one poll scored even higher in their support than Caucasians).

  • ewe

    @Yellow Bone: You did not say latino gangs are ruthless. You said they show no mercy. That is savage. Read your own comment. And you said you know this because your little self is a latina. You essentially said that they must torture or be tortured. I interpret that as you giving them a defense which is justifying gay bashing and torture of gay men Ms. Latina. What a bunch of crap. I never heard such shit. Some Latinos i know have life size statues of mary joseph and jesus on the front lawn and in the living room that they watch tv with. They never thought of inserting anything up my ass and burning me with cigarettes when i visited them as far as i know. It’s in YOUR head that every latino is a gang member not mine cause that is what YOU said. You also can go try your reverse dysfunctional bullshit on someone else and talk your crap in front of fucking mirror, you twisted cunt. I never said every latino hates gays or every heterosexual hates gays. You can go fuck yourself sweety. You are not going to attribute words to me that i did not say. Get a therapist. Or an education. Take your pick. You are an ignorant bitch and you are talking to a minority. Try your victimhood elsewhere.

  • Yellow Bone

    @ewe: Wow. Ruthless/show no mercy. Those mean two different things. Wow. Do you speak English?

    I’m not justifying a Goddamned thing you illiterate fool. Why the hell would a woman who is a member of the LGBT community say that torturing a member of her own community is ok? A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    You see, I was responding to Queer Supremacist with my original post. Not to you. You had to play captain save-an-idiot for some reason.

    I had to emphasize what I am for two reasons: a) because I’ve dealt with idiots like these before and b) because I don’t want to be lumped in with people like you and QS.

    Read any article about gay bashing that doesn’t have a white person as one of the bashers. It usually devolves into something where they end up attacking every member of that group.

    Learn some English. It’ll do you good.

  • ewe

    @Yellow Bone: Wow yourself. I have heard people say that a thousand times. It is your way of exiting. So go bow your head in shame and clear away from my path. You are a liar and i confront liars in front of my face. Try your dismissiveness about being illiterate on someone else. You should exercise your misplaced machismo by reading your own fucking words. Do not ask me to explain your dysfunction. I do not even give a shit. Read the last sentence of message 23. You lie in front of yourself. I want nothing to do with someone like you. Read it and apologize you silly twit. You do not have the life experience to be lumped in with me so don’t worry about your subconcious fantasy. And keep in mind you are now going after one white person out of 9 people for some reason i don’t give a shit about either. Your head is fucked up. Keep your insults about the English language to yourself. That type of comment is evidence you have nothing but contempt for those that demand you emotionally masturbate somewhere else. You are an idiot and a buffoon but you know enough to comprehend my words which means you are not crazy. AGAIN, read your own comments. You are a hateful dishonest annoying pest.

  • Yellow Bone


    “Send them back to what ever banana republic they came from.”

    “Ten breeder eyes for a gay eye.
    Ten breeder teeth for a gay tooth.
    Ten breeder lives for a gay life.”

    Are you going to pretend like neither of those comments were made? and that I didn’t direct my original post towards the person that said that? And I didn’t lie. You are defending his inane comments. So if he is hateful towards all heterosexuals and Latinos, so are you.

    Like I said, use your brain. I wouldn’t defend a bunch of animals who attack a community that I’m a part of.

  • ewe

    @Yellow Bone: you are one misguided person. Take up your issues with the correct person.

  • Yellow Bone

    @ewe: …and what do you think I was doing by responding to him? Should I have attacked you without explaining myself first? Probably not. So for that much, I will apologize.

  • ewe

    No you should not have attacked me. I accept your apology. let’s move on. Best wishes.

  • Yellow Bone

    @ewe: best wishes to you too.

  • ewe

    @Yellow Bone: Keep your head held high. No one ever should feel they have to call me an asshole. I already know i am. lol. hehehee.

  • Yellow Bone

    @ewe: It’s good taht you’re proud of it. it shows you’re strong in your beliefs. I highly respect that.

  • Yellow Bone

    @Yellow Bone: that*

  • Anonymousgirl0

    Well I agree with a lot of you guys. But one thing I know for sure is that the boy with a navy blue sweater, khaki pants, & a black skelli participated under preasure. I know him my whole life & I know he wouldn’t act this way without having a reason to. I believe is true that the leader told him to participate or else he would get it. Im not saying that I tolerate what happened, or that he’s completely honest. NO! All im saying is that he acted upon fear.

  • Erick

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: my bets are on the top right one…pun loosely intended…

  • Markus

    If they are victims, let them rat out those that told them to do it. Regardless, I hope they spend life in prison. I don’t care who you are, we all learned at one point or another, not to jump off the bridge just cause someone tells you to or does! Let them be put away in cages for the rest of their lives, and find God, just like the countless others that are in there! These guys are the epitome of pure evil!

  • midtown0

    @Markus: Listen Markus, I put money that if you was to be in his position, if they were to tell you to do it or else you would get it, you would. You wouldn’t put up with the other ten guys, impossible, one against ten wouldn’t get nowhere…. He should take a part of what happened obviously he participated, but I said the reason why he did what he did., & again he’s not innocent, but the rest have more part in it than what he does,… I just simply think that they shouldn’t give him all the years they’re thinking on giving all of them!,…. I simply think that if they gave bail to two of them, they should give bail to Nelson Falu also, Why? He acted upon fear, again,…. Is not fair that they posted Bail to only two of them,…. HE’S NOT AS GUILTY AS THE REST!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Yellow Bonehead: I never said all Latinos were like that by any means. Way to put words in my mouth, pendeja.

    I am not hateful towards Latinos. Only those who are breeders. Same with other minorities. I love people of every race, religion, and nationality on Earth as long as they’re gay.

  • SLIM

    This is not that shocking because I know every last one of them , alittle surprised because noone would ever think my brother would do something like this , yes one of them are my blood brother , I wish I could turn back the hands of time , my brother isn’t a bad person he has a big heart but is always in the wrong place at the wrong time don’t sit here and judge these guys because none of you people know them I do I grew up with every last one of them and they are good people living the life they believe is nessacery to survive my boyfriend happens to be the youngest but and its a horrible thing but what is being said isn’t really what happened trust and believe it isn’t ….

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