Gay Boy Scout Employee Plans To Resign After Two Decades If Ban Doesn’t End

boyscoutslgDays before leaders of the Boy Scouts of America descend on Dallas to vote on a proposal that would end their discrimination against openly gay members, an employee of the organizations says he will resign from the organization because he is gay if the policy is not changed.
The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has shared his internal struggle in an essay written for Time. He writes that despite his unique commitment of more than two decades to the organization, he could lose his job at any time due to his sexual orientation.
He  adds:
“There are dozens of other gay professionals like me in the Scouts. I have met them through scouting training courses and programs for adult leaders and employees. We dedicate ourselves to the scouting program, fully supporting the organization. Yet, we live with apprehension, hiding our personal lives and not knowing if we could be outed and fired at any given moment.…The proposed resolution to allow openly gay youth is a good first step, but it cannot stop there. If the resolution to repeal the ban on gay Scouts is approved, dedicated gay adult volunteers and employees, like me, will still be kept in the closet, and I will have no choice but to resign. For too many years, I eschewed relationships, felt uncomfortable around co-workers and have been forced to remain cloaked in secrecy. I cannot continue to live in the shadows. It is not healthy, nor is it ethical.”


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