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Gay dads go absolutely bananas over son’s haircut in adorbs new Luvs ad

This is almost definitely not the way gay dads should go about getting their children’s hair cut, but it makes for a pretty damn cute ad.

Produced by Luvs Diapers, the spot centers on two highly neurotic, querulous young men trying to micromanage their kid’s new ‘do, to the visible consternation of the poor, put-upon barber. He didn’t sign up for this.

And that’s the sound of One Million Moms furiously firing up her Smith-Corona in the disused basement Enid rents to her.

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We would never dream of giving away the shocking twist ending of the ad, but it involves… a bowl.


If this video doesn’t give you what the legendary children call “the feels,” you’re a heartless fiend; a cold-blooded monster and we want nothing to do with from this day onwards.