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Incredible new Nike ad celebrates vogue legend Leiomy Maldonado

Nike and voguing simply aren’t two things you’d tend to think of in the same sentence. Basketball, sure. Running, absolutely.

But in Nike’s new advertisement for the #BeTrue pride collection, the sportswear giant features legendary Puerto Rican vogue artist Leiomy Maldonado, aka the “Wonder Woman of Vogue.” She’s perhaps best known in mainstream circles as the first transgender person to ever appear on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew in 2009.

The spot features the inarguably athletic Maldonado dancing and voguing up a storm, and she’s so mesmerizing it’s easy to forget you’re watching a commercial; let alone a Nike commercial.

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Featuring narration by mc/commentator Precious Angel Ramirez (aka Princess Miami Precious), the end result is effectively moving and rises far above the typical corporate cash-ins that clog the airwaves come Pride month.

The ad quickly caught the attention of Laverne Cox, who sung its praises on Instagram:

Oh this is so beautiful. There's so much to post and share this week, the girls are doing big things, trans folks are stepping forward witj talent, vision and determination and I love you all. Congratulations @wond3rwoman1. This is epic and legendary and you were already legendary. Let them know! #TransIsBeautiful @Regrann from @wond3rwoman1 – #betrue to #equality. Break barriers. Accept all athletes. Thank you @nikenyc for the opportunity and platform to share my story with the world! Thank you @thickbitch2k for the voiceover !!! Makeup @tiffanytheartist #leiomy #amazonmotherleiomy #wonderwoman #wonderwomanofvogue #voguing #nike #nikenyc #nike?? #dancersbody #sexylatina #athleticwomen #athleticwomenfitness #sexyandfit #nikewomen #pridemonth #transisbeautiful #vogueicon #athlete #queenofvogue #queenofdramatic #queenofhairwhips #justdoit – #regrann

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h/t: Mic

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  • Kangol

    Nice to see Leiomy featured, but is Nike putting money towards helping the LGB and trans communities? Using LGBTQ faces, bodies and talent to sell your products is hollow if you are not actively supporting and helping to sustain those–our–communities. Nike’s alleged history with its workers also leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Orgoglio Masch

    How can you be considered a legend of anything if you were young enough to compete on America’s Best Dance Crew? Those folks were all teens and 20-somethings. I’m certainly no vogue expert, but hasn’t voguing been around since the 80’s? I was expecting to see someone much older when I read “vogue legend”.

  • AndThenTheresMax

    Who is she?! Honey, she is NOT a Voguing Legend. Was the writer paid to write that?! Willi Ninja is a Voguing Legend. The House of LaBeja are Voguing Legends. The House of Dupree are Voguing Legends. Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour back up dancers are Voguing Legends. I am child of the NYC, Chicago and Montreal Ballrooms and I can officially say…she’s a nobody. And at an age where she’s just discovering what Midol is; she is no where near legendary status to deserve that kind of recognition. Queerty should be ashamed to have even printed this garbage. Know your history before you put fingers to keyboard. SHAME!

    • Franklin

      Leyomi is a part of a new generation of legendary children of the ballroom scene, and she is a pretty well known name in the modern ball room scene. It’s been a long time since Madonna btw.

    • dre23222

      This is the new generation. Im in my late 30s so I know about the old legends. But she is in the new legend scene. Sorry you dont know about her, but it maybe time to visit the ballroom scene from the 2000s and up. I always will love the old scene though.

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