Gay Fashion Student Says He Was Assaulted By Group Of Hasidic Jewish Men In Brooklyn


A night out ended in a beating and injury for a Brooklyn-based gay fashion student.

22-year-old New York City College of Technology fashion student Taj Patterson tells the New York Daily News that he was gay-bashed and assaulted by more than a dozen ultra-Orthodox Hasidic men on December 1st.

The attack happened as he headed through Williamsburg back home to Fort Greene, Brookyn after a night of partying.

“I’m walking down some block by myself and then the next thing I know, I’m surrounded by a group of Hasidic Jewish men and they’re attacking me,” Patterson recalled. “I was alone. I was an easy target. I’m black. I’m gay, a whole slew of reasons.”

Though a filed police report mentioned that Patterson was “highly intoxicated, uncooperative and incoherent” during and after the assault, he insists that the attack was unprovoked.

“He told me to ‘stay down, faggot, stay the f— down,’ ” Patterson told the Daily News. “And that’s really all I can remember of that.”

Patterson’s story was confirmed by MTA bus driver Evelyn Keys, who saw the attack occur. “I get out of the bus and all these men were standing up straight around him,” she said. “Taj is laying down on his back. I went up to him and he was in so much pain. He says, ‘I can’t see . . . I can’t breathe.’ ”

The NYPD has confirmed that their hate crimes unit is investigating the assault, which resulted in a broken eye socket and a torn retina for Patterson among other, less severe injuries.

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  • Scribe38

    I understand that [email protected] and sliceholes are in every race, but things like this always bother me a little more. I would think groups that have been abused by society whether blacks, gays, jews, mexicans,…etc would be a little kinder to each other and not use the pain directed to them through the world to turn it on others. Before the victim blaming starts, I would like to say, I hope the men who did this are caught.

  • Spike

    Sounds like the opening of a Law & Order SUV episode.

  • sfbeast

    If indeed this is true, it’s disheartening and unacceptable. It just doesn’t sound that likely and I hope whoever did this is caught and punished. The hassidim are as ignorant and medieval as muslims, although they aren’t generally violent.

  • kpj558


  • Rockery

    A torn retina? That sounds horrible and I have never seen an eye that huge! I hope he recovers

  • 2eo

    @Rockery: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a torn retina before, that’s serious, serious damage. I mean it’s difficult to detach a retina but to straight up tear one shows how vicious this really was.

  • 2eo

    Are we allowed to criticise fundamentalist jews without being called anti-semitic yet?

  • Dakotahgeo

    Semitic or anti-Semitic, it might be a good time to blast those bastards back to the Holocaust and see if it jogs their memories. Obviously they haven’t learned much since 1933-1945.

  • Cam

    Any group that gets freaky religious or conservative in their church is usually bad news.

    The mainstream Jewish denominations in America are extremely pro-gay, but the ultra orthodox, Hasidic Jews are basically just as nuts as the fundamentalist Islamic Clerics, the conservative Mormons or the nut-job Christian Evangelicals.

    The attackers are going to claim some sort of defense based on religion, don’t let them get away with it, if this guy is telling the truth then throw them all in jail.

  • ZeeZee

    @2eo yes, you are allowed.
    @Dakotahgeo – but not like that. That’s cruel and disgusting. Haven’t learned anything?? Are you trying to say that Hitler tried to teach them some lesson??? What are you to learn when your family is all but dead??! Queerty, you must delete that comment. It’s hateful, hurtful and ugly.
    @scribe38 grow up. Those Hassidic people didn’t suffer anything. They live in New York for God’s sake! If their great grandfather suffered in the past, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be perfect.

    As for the attack itself- if it’s true then it’s horrible and those people should be caught and punished regardless their religious devotion. The Hassidic people don’t usually attack people. Most of the time they mind their own business (and believe me when I say that they do mind their own business- sometimes too much).

    Also, to make sure we all exercise fair journalism, next time someone attacks somebody for any reason, please don’t forget to mention the attacker’s religion.

    It’s funny for me to see how people bring up the suffering of the Jewish people every time a small group of Jewish people does something wrong. They are people and they have nuts, too. Is it news to y’all??? Is your community all perfect??!! Is our gay community all perfect??

  • Scribe38

    @ZeeZee: I didn’t say anything wrong… Jews have suffered from discrimination in this country, as have blks, gays, and a host of other groups. What I was pointing out was that it is sad when a person that has experienced abuse turns around and abuses another group. As a blk man, I have issues when SOME blks are anti-gay or anti-immigration, or speak out hatefully against Muslims. I said these people should be locked and that the victim should not be blamed… so get over yourself

  • ZeeZee

    @Scribe I can understand your sadness, really. But still I don’t expect those who suffered not to hurt others. Yes, it’s sad, but nuts can be found everywhere and we can’t be blind to that. I, for once, don’t see why “the suffering of the Jewish people” should be part of this discussion. If those people really attacked that guy they should be ashamed of themselves and be punished and there is no need to involve history. Besides, the psychology of suffering is much more complex than what you mentioned above…

  • Ogre Magi

    The Abrahamic religions have always been our enemies and always will be

  • bernadettedse

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  • DShucking

    Where is the part that indicates that this was racially motivated?

  • DrJohn

    Where is Dov Hikind now ?

  • that_dude247

    Gawd, I hope this isn’t true. Jews are severely outnumbered and hated in Brooklyn.

  • Josh in OR

    To twist the knife, this poem is sadly fitting with only a few alterations:

    “First they came for the ‘Muslims’,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Muslim.
    ( http://www.loonwatch.com/2013/12/hasidic-jewish-patrol-kill-him-hes-a-f-king-muslim/ )

    Then they came for the ‘immodest’ women,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an ‘immodest’ woman.
    ( http://deborahfeldman.tumblr.com/post/10647403060/this-is-horrible-a-group-of-hasidic-jews-attacked )

    Then they came for the gays,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t gay.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    It’s the saddest thing in the world when the bullied become the bullies. And this is just in NY, never mind the bullshit that goes on in Israel…

  • sportyguy1983

    I don’t believe his story.

  • mpwaite

    When Jews attack… on the next Maury. I have never heard of a Hassidic Jewish Gang..

    I feel sorry for the guy, I do. of all the hatred that Jews have had to endure since the beginning of time, your would think they would be more sympathetic. I’m a gay Jew,and I just can’t believe this has happened; I mean, hatred is not a thing I was taught; even towards homosexuals. WOW.

  • Ms Urethra Johnson

    This here lady dabbles in antiques, fine antiques… and I’ve felt the wrath of a few Hasisdics myself… their problem with me? I’m a fag and I collect important silver… Some are good business people, just take our money and keep their opinion on gays to themselves… but the names we’ve been called at some Antique Shows… wasn’t pretty… Some even try to shun us in the trade… Even had death threats… The “hardcore” ones really really really don’t like us and are not afraid to tell us to our faces. Our more moderate Jewish friends were kind enough to explain it to us… pretend you’re straight when shopping for silver or jewelry… Ironic huh?

  • DonW

    @Dakotahgeo: Are f*cking kidding?

  • Will L

    I don’t think we have enough facts to even begin to judge. The police state that he as “highly intoxicated, uncooperative and incoherent” after the assault. It sounds like the bus driver saw the assault after he was down and it was in progress. There don’t seem to be witnesses to the beginning. I’ve never HEARD of Hasidic Jews to provoke violence, but I suppose it’s possible.

    Once a drunk blacks out, he’s liable to say and do a lot without remembering it. So, let’s gather some more facts before we support one side over the other.

  • frshmn

    I am a little hesitant to believe this too. How did they know he was gay in the first place (he isn’t exactly effeminate looking) Surprised to see the amount of anti-semitism here too. I lived and worked in the area, they aren’t the friendliest group to outsiders, and can be rude, but Ive never heard of them violently attacking randoms walking down the street. Also surprised they would be cursing in English, they’re usually adamant about speaking in Yiddish to each other. Deserves a thorough investigation before we jump to conclusions or start spouting hateful messages towards a whole religious group.

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