Gay Former “X Factor” Contestant Filmed Being Tortured By Russian Neo-Nazis

Alexander-BohunAlexander Bohun, a 24-year-old former contestant on Ukraine’s version of The X Factor, is the latest victim of Occupy Pedophilia, a group of vigilante Russian skinheads known for targeting, torturing and publicly humiliating gay men.

Bohun responded to a personal ad on Russian social media site VK, only to be met by the extremist group and its founder, Maxim “The Cleaver” Martsinkevich. LGBTQ Nation reports that Brohun was intimidated with threats of violence to confess, on camera, to seeking sex with a minor.

In a video of the encounter, Bohun is seen shirtless with Jewish stars and a derogatory remark scrawled over his torso while using a dildo as a fake microphone. Martsinkevich shaves Bohun’s head, paints his skull rainbow colors, and forces Bohun to drink urine, which he then pours over his head.

Alexander-Bohun-Maxim-Martsinkevich“I was referred to as “pedophile,” mocked, and forced to admit actions and desires that I have not committed in any circumstances, and I had to admit all that publicly,” Bohun said in a police report.

Based on the complaint Bohun filed with police last week, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched a criminal investigation into Martsinkevich’s activities. Martsinkevich fled Russia last month to avoid charges of “extremism.”

Martsinkevich and his Occupy Pedophilia movement have been responsible for a number of attacks on gay men, which they defend as a way of purging Russia of pedophiles — without making a distinction between pedophilia and homosexuality. At least one of their victims has reportedly killed himself after suffering abuse at their hands.

Bohun’s attorney, Elena Kherson, said Martsinkevich violated Ukrainian law by falsely accusing her client of a crime without a trial or investigation and is demanding that the video be removed from the internet.

“There is no evidence of the involvement of Alexander Bohun, in the crimes of which Martsinkevich accused him,” Kherson said, “and most importantly, he is the true victim here.”

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  • gaymaniac

    Nothing new-Russia is a disgusting cesspool of a country and nobody should be suprised that it is populated by people with the IQ of a snail with Down syndrome.I am happy that we in Germany have decided to grant Russian gays and lesbians political asylum after these Nazi laws have been introduced.

  • HirsuteOne

    The same video on a different website would fit right in with the garbage at BreederF*ckers and the other Brit sites with the same theme. Ironic.

  • Cam

    So they finally did it to somebody famous which is forcing an investigation.

  • Ogre Magi

    @HirsuteOne: What are you talking about

  • Kangol

    Disgusting! This Martsinkevich really needs help; like many virulent homophobes he seems obsessed with gay people and homosexuality, and can’t deal with it so he takes it out on others. But Russia as a country needs to get its act together and put an end to the homophobia it’s helping to foster.

  • Stefan

    @HirsuteOne is correct in that basically these same scenes are acted out on BreederF*ckers, StraighHell, etc. The difference is, of course, that those are ACTED out and not real!!!

  • 2eo

    I sincerely hope what I’ve read on the Darknet is true and Martsin is about to be executed.

  • Stache1

    @Kangol: These fucks have at their black hearts nothing but hate. Right now it’s just turned on the Gays.

  • 2eo

    Just as a carry on from what I’ve read, apparently his running out the country was his “movement” targeted the son of a Russian Oligarch.

    Big, big mistake.

  • Selverd

    @2eo: Where did you read that?

  • Sebizzar

    -______-‘ Is there nothing we can do to stop this madness?

  • 2eo

    @Selverd: Ancient chinese secret.

  • Camsean01

    @gaymaniac: the video isn’t from Russia it is fro Ukraine, although the low life thug is russian.

  • newecreator

    Better cross Russia from the “Safe place to live” list.

  • HirsuteOne


    The point is it’s perfectly OK and accepted to market the exact same type of violence to our community in the form of porn. Of course, it’s a fantasy, but something about it just seems wrong.

  • tada-no

    It is only natural that LGBTs in Russia will be forced to start defending themselves with violence. The government is against them; the police don’t protect them or prosecute attacks against gays.

  • Transiteer

    The bullies here “fled” – typical cowardice of a bully. But they must be obsessed with gay sex to go to such effort. Closet queens? They’re so ugly, I’d certainly hope not, but you never know. These countries need to join the Enlightenment, or they’ll sink back into the black hole of Stalinism. Then it won’t be just gays getting abused like this.

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