Gay Killer Inspires Bloodlust In Right-Wing Activist

England hasn’t executed a prisoner since 1964, and capital punishment has been off the books since 1998, but anti-gay activist Stephen Green thinks it’s about time the nation get back to taking lives.

Why? Well, according to Green, his revulsion over gay cannibalistic killer Anthony Morley made him see the angry mob-like light!

Said Green in a statement:

I don’t like the idea of putting a man to death any more than the worst humanistically-minded liberal.

But the other day I saw a glorious rainbow and it reminded me that God’s institution of the nation state and of true justice is still in force.

We need to remember that putting a properly-convicted murderer to death is a righteous act, not something to be ashamed of.

Hmm. So a rainbow sent this executioner’s message? This man’s obviously way to wrapped up in his anti-gay ways.