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Gay lobbyist’s shocking allegation against acting speaker Patrick McHenry tracks with his anti-LGBTQ+ record

Patrick McHenry

Acting House Speaker Patrick McHenry has made campaigning against LGBTQ+ rights one of his hallmark stances in Congress.

And now, an out lobbyist is accusing the North Carolina Republican of blatant homophobia.

Jimmy Williams, who now works as a social media consultant, tweeted Tuesday night that McHenry once banned him from his office due to his sexual orientation.

“Hey Mr Acting Speaker, remember when I was your lobbyist from @realtors? You banned me from your office because I was gay,” Williams tweeted. “I’ve never forgotten. Ever. Now that you’re the Acting Speaker, you should answer for what you did to me aka blatant homophobia.”

As expected, there is strong reaction to Williams’ accusation.

While Williams’ allegation, if true, is a story on its own, McHenry owns an ignominious history of being anti-LGBTQ+.

During his early days in Congress, he was a vehement opponent of same-sex marriage, claiming it was part of an “organized effort by the radical left and their allies in Hollywood and academia to destroy our traditional American culture.”

When New Jersey’s Supreme Court ruled gay couples are entitled to the same rights as straight couples, McHenry’s office issued a blistering statement… even though he represents North Carolina.

“First Massachusetts and today, New Jersey, have shown us all why we desperately need a federal constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage and we need it now,” he said.

“A few liberal judges in these two states have abused their positions of trust by legislating from the bench. This is another attempt to destroy the institution that is the cornerstone of civilization and family life – marriage.”

Though same-sex unions are now recognized nationwide, McHenry and an ardent group of homophobic hardliners are still intent on opposing them. Last summer, he was one of 169 House Republicans who voted against the Respect for Marriage act, which protects same-sex and interracial marriage (39 House Republicans voted in favor of the measure, which Joe Biden signed into law).

Unsurprisingly, his views on transgender issues aren’t any more enlightened. This year, he voted in favor of legislation that would bar women and girls from playing on school sports teams matching their gender identity.

But wait: the 18-year congressional vet isn’t only anti-LGBTQ+. He also seems to be vengeful!

One of McHenry’s first orders as temporary speaker was kicking Nancy Pelosi out of her office…while she’s in San Francisco attending Dianne Feinstein’s funeral.

Pelosi, by the way, effectively ran the House with a narrow majority–unlike Republicans. She helped Biden pass his two signature domestic policy bills: Build Back Better and the Inflation Reduction Act.

No Republicans voted for the latter measure, but it didn’t matter, because Pelosi actually, you know, controlled her conference.

McHenry, who was the top Republican on the Financial Services Committee, was one of Kevin McCarthy’s top allies. Powerless over his conference, McHenry slammed the speaker’s gavel in disgust Tuesday following his pal’s ousting.

As acting speaker, McHenry can’t bring legislation to the floor, but he can act like a petulant child!

Cute bow tie, though…

With McCarthy ruling out another run for Speaker, there’s no clear front-runner for the position. That means McHenry could be speaker pro tempore for a while.

That poor, poor gavel.

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