Gay man wins $1.75 million in harassment suit against police

Louis Falcone via Spectrum news screenshot

A federal jury has awarded a $1.75 payout to a New York man harassed by police for being gay.

Police had arrested Louis Falcone in June 2015 after a fight with his brother. Upon arriving at his home, the police dragged him from the house to his yard and began beating him, punching and kicking him to the point where Falcone suffered a broken nose and spinal injuries. Worse, they shouted “f*ggot” at him in the process. Police never charged Falcone with a crime.

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A neighbor caught the attack on video, which helped convince the jury that Falcone suffered needless harm.

“Mr. Falcone was very credible and the video showed what happened,” said Adam Roth, Falcone’s attorney. “I think the officers’ stories were not totally credible.”

Lawyers for the Staten Island Police are currently exploring further legal options to appeal the verdict.