Gay Marketing? Most Straights Don’t Care

Bud Light

Turns out we weren’t the only ones giddy over Ford’s outreach to the gay community (though to be fair, we were more dreamy eyed over Ford’s refusal to kowtow to the American Family Association’s boycott threats). A new survey reveals 80 percent of Americans are just fine with corporations marketing toward the gay community — that is, ad dollars spent trying to reach us aren’t going to off-put most of our fellow citizens.

The survey, performed by FH Out Front (part of a giant PR firm, mind you) on 1,000 people, also concludes some 52 percent of Americans wouldn’t support a boycott of a company based on its gay marketing, while 14 percent of respondents say they’d “speak out” against such a boycott.

While those in the homo camp might be more willing to buy goods or services from a company that specifically markets itself toward our audience – Who among you chose a dentist from the backpages of a local gay weekly because he had a nice smile? – it’s nice to know Bud Light’s tossing a few rainbow-colored dollars toward gay bar promotions (or even sponsoring Aspen Gay Ski Week) isn’t keeping Joe Fratboy from picking up a six-pack at 7-Eleven.

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