Gay Marriage Will Lead To Gay Immigrants Taking Away American Jobs

It’s not that Dave Konig (disclaimer: COMEDIAN!) has a problem with homosexuals wanting to walk down the aisle and commit their lives to each other. But if the government starts recognizing gay marriage, and starts letting gays marry foreign gays, well, we’re just going to see Arizona’s immigration problems explode throughout the entire country, now aren’t we?

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  • dodgy

    Ya know, the most offensive thing about this is that it’s simply not funny.

  • Steve

    Well gee, it’s a good thing straight marriage doesn’t lead to straight immigrants taking away American jobs.

  • Fighting Back

    I totally agree with “DODGY” – it’s not funny for one second! As if heterosexual men aren’t marrying “mail order brides” and shipping their wives here or having “arranged marriages” and bringing the entire foreign family here! When will we stop speculating all the affects of Gay Marriage and start letting people just live their own god damn lives and love and marry who they want. Come on……it’s that simple…………you do what you do, and I will do what I do!! America is such a joke.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the disclaimer. Who are these people laughing, have they never seen an actual comedian?

  • Ashton C

    And this piece of shit is Queerty-worthy why? Did you guys blow him or something? Please explain.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Wow, I think you guys have missed the joke: King is poking fun at the idiots who are making much ado about nothing. Arguments against same-sex marriage are idiotic, just as King’s idiotic argument shows that all anti-gay marriage arguments are idiotic.

  • dugin

    Casual racism is hilarious! By saying it’s “ironic” and “comedy”, it stops being completely offensive! This is not at all like comedians who make gay jokes and slide casual homophobia under the radar by pretending it’s just for fun!

  • JAW

    LOL… I thought it was funny… esp the part about the dancing boys bumpong into each other and the foregin homosexuals taking good homosexual jobs…

  • Jim

    It’s nice to see that one or two of you get the point here.. but scary and dangerous that so many of you do not. This is a comedian, and regardless of how funny you may personally find him to be.. he is performing COMEDY. He is not making a political speech. As Mike from Asheville understands.. He is CLEARLY pointing out the absurdity of arguments against gay marriage with this bit.. he is not supporting them. And I’m disappointed in my fellow LGBT friends out there who don’t get this.

    Please.. we all know that there are enough people in this world who don’t support our civil rights, be it gay marriage or anything else. Some out there legitimately HATE us to the point they would eradicate all of us they could. SO the last thing we need to do is start falsely pointing fingers at those who clearly are not in that category. How do we even know that this comedian himself is not gay?? We don’t. Bottom line. Lighten up!!

  • Jeffree

    This isn’t Dave’s best work, and I’m sure he’d agree to that, but he *is* a decent comic. I’ve heard enough of his material to know that he takes a popular meme or idea and pushes it past the point of absurdity. It doesn’t take a PhD in rhetoric to determine that he doesn’t agree with the logic.

    I would suggest that anyone who is unduly offended should avoid reading The Onion, because that M.O. is the paper’s main type of humor.

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