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Gay People Across America Performed Synchronized Kissing


Just like the gay agenda, religion these days is all about branding. Who cares if you have a fabulous cause if you suck at marketing it? So when it comes to branding the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith’s minions are having a difficult time thanks to the “kisses heard ’round the world,” where gay guys caught smooching on church property have brought bad publicity upon the Latter-Day Saints!

All that Prop 8 support is hurting the Mormon Church’s image! Even some Mormons think so! But the church does not agree.

Church insiders say Prop. 8 has bred dissent among members and left families divided. Some members have quit or stopped attending services, while others have appealed to leadership to stay out of the same-sex marriage fight.

But church spokeswoman Kim Farah said Friday that Mormon support for traditional marriage has nothing to do with public relations.

“It’s too easy for those whose agenda is to change societal standards to claim there are great difficulties inside the Church because of its decision to support traditional marriage,” Kim Farah said. “In reality the Church has received enormous support for its defense of marriage.”

Not helping things was Saturday’s nation-wide “Kiss In” effort, a chance for homosexuals to snog in the faces of bigots. Good fun was had by all! From Denver to Washington D.C. to Chicago to Philadelphia (seen above), the queers were up in arms, swapping spit for America! But our favorite went down in San Diego, where Prop 8-supporting Doug Machester saw his San Diego Hyatt hotel become the scene of a gay affection flash mob. Scary!