Gay Sauna Bombed In Budapest

Things are heating up in Budapest. And not in a good way.

In the early hours of Wednesday, the Magnum gay sauna was was attacked.

And the gay rights group Patent is worried that the police are not providing adequate protection to gay establishments and the LGBT Festival as promised earlier.

Four petrol bombs were thrown into the sauna. The perpetrators are said to have called the sauna before the attack, just as in the case of the gay bar that had been bombed last Friday, to check if there were people inside, a Patent spokesperson said..

Well, at least they were courteous enough to check in, right?

This is the second attack on a gay establishment in two weeks. A gay bar was bombed just last week, and police swore they’d be more vigilant in protecting the gays. Activists, however, doubt their commitment, and they’re especially worried because Budapest will host a queer film festival later this week.

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  • tallskin

    Hey guys of Queerty, I am sure if the attackers said they were guided by their Sky Pixie beliefs you would forgive them, wouldn’t you?

    Or would you vaciliate and say “Oooo, we don’t know where we stand” ???

  • fredo777

    Was anyone killed?


    Tallskin: Bingo! but be careful or you might be accused of being intolerant of religion.

    “One man is said to have suffered light injuries in the attack from inhaling the hot fumes.”

    Can’t you read Mo(777)?, probably.

  • tallskin

    Let it hereby be publically acknowledged that I have a down on sky pixies being worshipped.

    It isn’t clever, it isn’t bright and it is inevitably anti-gay.

    And yes, I do accept the theory of evolution. I do not think that some mythical sky pixie created the world cos if she/he/it did a very bad job was done.


  • greybat

    What about earth pixies? They seem to like everybody. Sometimes for dinner, though…

  • Charles J. Mueller

    >Budapest will host a queer film festival later this week.

    Definitely not a good idea. Human safety is at risk here and the Budapest Police don’t seem to be putting their best efforts into it.

    I think they should cancel before someone gets killed.

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