Gay Speculation Surrounds Lindsay, Sam

Lindsay Lohan and DJ gal pal Samantha Ronson sparked more lesbian rumors this weekend after getting close and comfortable at a recent party in Cannes. And, as the gossip mongers turn the heat up on homo rumors, Lindsay’s father has thrown plenty of fuel on the fire:

Michael Lohan isn’t playing dumb when it comes to his daughter Lindsay’s close relationship with deejay Samantha Ronson.

Days after photos of them nuzzling necks in Cannes, France, surfaced, he tells their romance “is evident to anyone with half a brain.”

Still, he adds, “Just like the [topless] Marilyn Monroe spread, Linds is my daughter and there are just some things a father doesn’t want to see or hear, regardless of whether they are true or false.”

His daughter, 21, “is a big girl, and she can make her own life choices. Then it is between her and God.”

“Life choices?” Could born against Christian Michael be throwing some brimstone into the mix?