Gay Swordplay


While we’re on the subject of televisuals, some of you may have heard of Azumi: the Japanese movie about a young (and decidedly hot) female assassin of the same name played by Aya Ueto. Based on the popular manga, the story follows Azumi from being orphaned through and beyond her training as one of the best assassins in medieval Japan.

If you’re into some bad-ass swordplay and a bit of camp (the perfect combination, no?), this is definitely the movie for you. The best part of the movie, however, comes from the arch-villain, Bijomaru Mogami, played deliciously by Jo Odagiri (pictured, in character).
Dressed in pristine white robe, a long-haired wig, and the perfect amount of pink eye shadow, Bijomaru Mogami may be one of the best ambiguoulsy gay villains in history. GLAAD most definitely disapproves, but we love him.

The film’s currently on view in New York City, but if you can’t make it there, poke around the internet and find the DVD. It’s worth owning.