Gay Wins Discrimination Case Against Church of England

The rule of law vanquished a Reverend’s rule in England, where John Reaney won his discrimination case against The Anglican Bishop of Hereford, Reverend Anthony Priddis.

Reaney filed the lawsuit after Priddis turned him down for a job for a previous gay relationship. The Colwyn Bay-based queer had applied for a job at the Church and had been previously been lauded for being an ideal candidate.

That all changed when he met with Priddis on July 19, 2006 when Reaney fessed up to having had a long-term gay relationship.

Despite the fact that Reaney had already worked for two Anglican organizations – and promised to remain celibate during his tenure, a strict stipulation – Priddis denied him the job, saying, “Mr Reaney’s lifestyle had the potential to impact on the spiritual, moral and ethical leadership within the diocese…”

A tribunal ruled yesterday, however, that Priddis’ motivation sprang from discrimination: “The respondents discriminated against the claimant on the grounds of sexual orientation”. Priddis, who may appeal the decision, insists he did the right thing, but “I regret the polarisation of view which takes place when these things happen”. Reaney, meanwhile, celebrates the verdict, telling the press he’s “delighted”.