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Ollie Dreamer talks OnlyFans cosplay, video game queens & how he found community through Pokémon

Ollie Dreamer (@olliedreamer) is a content creator specializing in dress-ups of his favorite video games. Whether it’s being a Pokémon master or role-playing in Final Fantasy, this adorable gaymer spends plenty of time immersing himself in RPGs.

Ollie also cosplays as his favorite video game characters, whether it be from the Pokémon franchise or from Resident Evil. The self described “himbo” even plays up some of his dress-ups on his Onlyfans page.

“Putting myself out there on all these different platforms the past couple years more authentically and more nerdy and gay has been really liberating and fun,” Ollie said.

Ollie first began his TikTok page a couple of years back. The handsome gaymer posts all kinds of content, from Pokémon drag race parodies, to movie reviews, to scandalous thirst traps destined to capture the nerdiest of gays. In particular, Ollie loves strong, sexy female video game characters.

“I want to [cosplay] characters I always grew up idolizing. It was always Misty for me. I’m a water type specialist to begin with. I always gravitate towards the female characters…I just love strong, sexy women. I want to be them,” Ollie said.

Ollie has also been a Pokémon fan from the start. His first game being Pokémon Blue, Ollie has always enjoyed the cute characters and stories in the world of Pokémon. As a child, Ollie talks about playing Pokémon to get him through tough times.

“A lot of queer people can relate to figuring themselves out…[As] gaymers, we gravitate towards video games when we feel different and isolated. Pokémon was there as such a comfort and a safe space,” Ollie said.

Not only does he love the classics, but Ollie is quite immersed in the modern Pokémon scene as well. Ollie was ecstatic to buy the DLC for the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and he finds community through playing Pokémon GO.

“I started going to Pokémon GO events, like Pokémon GO fest. It’s really cool to see all these different people from all different walks of life. You see people from all different ages and all different backgrounds playing Pokémon GO…As a gaymer, you sometimes feel like you don’t have a seat at the table. I realized there are so many other gay Pokémon fans. I didn’t realize that until later on in life. It’s really cool to discover that,” Ollie said.

Whether it be his sexy dress ups, or his fun and inspirational personality, Ollie has plenty of content for all gaymers to enjoy. Which one of his pics is your favorite? Please let us know below!

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