Plans Gay Center, Training

Georgetown Comes To Its Gay Senses

After weeks of bad press and even worse politics, Georgetown president John DeGioia announced the DC-based school will open a gay community center.

Georgetown Voice reports:

It took two hate crimes in as many months to make it happen, but Georgetown’s administrators have finally made a commitment to support the University’s LGBTQ community. At an open forum last night, President John DeGioia commendably announced that Georgetown will have a fully-staffed, fully-funded LGBTQ resource center by next fall. Three working groups will be created to address the creation of the resource center, the development of a better bias-reporting system and plans for LGBTQ diversity training during New Student Orientation.

In addition to the center, GU Pride will coordinate diversity training for freshman: session GU Pride president Scott Chessare calls “LGBTQ 101”.

We prefer to call it progress. It would have been more progressive, of course, had DeGioia made the announcement two weeks ago, when gay activists picketed his office.