Gillian Anderson Came Out About Lesbian Relationships After Lover Passed Away

It was back in April that X-Files star Gillian Anderson admitted to Out magazine what so many had assumed: that she had been involved with women romantically.

But in a recent interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, the stage and screen actress revealed she came forward about being bisexual because a onetime lover had died:

“I decided to talk about it now because someone with whom I was in a relationship a couple of decades ago – a woman – passed away about a year ago.”

Being gay was never something that I identified with 100%, because I knew that for me it wasn’t the only way. I haven’t spoken up about it before because there isn’t the same fear and stigma now that there was [then]. But she had just passed and I just wanted to speak about it in a matter-of-fact kind of way.”

In the initial interview with Out, Anderson—who recently garnered acclaim as Great Expectations’s twisted spinster, Miss Havisham—clarified that she had a “couple” of relationships with women, but didn’t feel like a full-tilt lesbian because “I always knew I still liked boys.”

Guess the truth is out there now, huh?

Photo: KellyBeth7

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  • scribe37

    I always loved her… I am really feeling the longer hair and hearing that she plays for both teams

  • Analog

    @scribe37: “I always loved her…”

    Me too. Even more so now…

  • Ann Mason

    It’s always reassuring to hear intelligent, articulate statements from people who come out of the closet as bisexual.

    There’s still public resistance — some of it among gay men and lesbians — to anyone who acknowledges an attraction to both sexes. I suspect that when Cynthia Nixon spoke about her sexual orientation during a N.Y. Times interview she chose her words poorly because she knew she was addressing a stress-provoking issue. She had to clarify her statements later, and still some people were angry.

    We should understand that not every public announcement will be handled just right, especially when a person is being interviewed and answering questions which don’t permit a prepared statement. It sounds as if Gillian Anderson avoided that awkward moment, but we shouldn’t judge other bisexuals who stumble when they’re in that position.

  • Joe Joe

    Gay is a choice, even Scully says so..and since it’s a choice it doesn’t deserve a protection status.

  • derp derp

    @Joe Joe: i’m curious where in this article does she say it was a choice? i think you need to work on your reading comprehension.

  • Pete

    “It’s a choice so it shouldn’t be protected.” Oh, boring. I suppose someone who grows up in one religion and “chooses” to convert shouldn’t have that right protected, either. “Choosing” your political affiliation: off with their heads. Your mama and daddy voted with Party X and went to Church Y, so you have to, too. Oh, wait, it doesn’t work like that. Nice try, though, Sparky.

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