Good Riddance to James Dobson


DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU — It’s been six years in the making since he left his post as president and CEO, and now he’s gone: World famous homophobe and preacher of hate James Dobson, 72, is leaving Focus on the Family, the conservative Christian group that promotes hatred and bigotry toward your fellow man. He founded FOF in 1977 and most recently held the title of chairman, while armed with a popular radio program and endless barrage of press releases and media-ready soundbites he helped steer conservative thought for years. But don’t get too excited. Dobson will remain hosting FOF’s radio show and “speak out on moral issues,” which means his brand of divisiveness isn’t going anywhere.

As Washington Monthly‘s Steve Benen writes, “Few modern figures on the political scene hate quite as many people, with quite as much intensity, as James Dobson. Gays, minority faiths, the First Amendment, Girl Scouts, SpongeBob Squarepants … if you don’t think, act, or believe as Dobson does, you’re an enemy. (One of my personal favorites is when Dobson insisted that gay marriage ‘will destroy the Earth.’ He wasn’t kidding.)”