"Values" Party Kept Him In The Closet

GOP Knew About Craig’s Gay Ways


Republican leaders can’t feign surprise over Larry Craig’s toilet trolling ways. Politico-journo Robert Novak says some of the GOP helped keep Craig in the grand old closet:

I have talked to several of my sources in the Senate, and this came as a surprise to me…They knew about it. They knew that he had this problem, and it was in the closet. And it was not just a homosexual relationship. It was this weird conduct. They didn’t do anything about it. So Republicans, again, as in the case of Congressman Foley, their cover-up is coming back to haunt them.

In the same episode, Margaret Carlson says, “Republicans are much more forgiving of heterosexuals than homosexuals”. It would seem, however, they’re perfectly willing to overlook homo-relations, until it comes out. The “values” party would rather shield a potential embarrassment than lose a conservative vote. Perhaps they should be the the Grand Old Protectors…