GOProud’s Chris Barron Comes To Ann Coulter’s Defense, Blasts GLAAD

Though Ann Coulter’s homophobic tweet about National Coming Out Day made a lot of people angry, GOProud’s co-founder Christopher Barron thinks everyone should take it easy on the fire-breathing she-demon.

Barron told The Advocate that he knows Coulter personally (which already discredits him as a human being, but we digress) and that she “has been a strong ally of gay conservatives. Indeed, Ann has gone into the lion’s den at places like CPAC to make the case that gay people should be welcomed in the conservative movement.”

Barron then flipped the script, blaming GLAAD for “criticizing” Coulter (i.e. asking people to sign up for Spirit Day, those assholes) yesterday. “The criticism of Ann by an organization like GLAAD is laughable. As long as GLAAD thinks that is acceptable they can spare me the trumped-up selective outrage over a joke made by Ann. Putting GLAAD in charge of what passes as acceptable or unacceptable discourse is a little bit like putting a pyromaniac in charge of the fire department.”

Unsurprisingly, with Barron brown-nosing his way into this shitstorm, this becomes a partisan issue. As he shifts the blame to GLAAD, which reported some numbers and facts regarding victims of family rejection, Barron immediately points the withering finger of blame to the gay left. But Coulter’s remarks are offensive to conservative and liberal gays alike.

So it’s no wonder that Barron and Coulter are so close – it’s impossible to tell where one’s idiocy ends and the other begins. Sorta like a human centipede.

Photo: GOProud

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  • Bellerophon69

    Barron is a “Vichy” gay, sleeping with Herr Coulter!

  • Little-Kiwi

    and yet, Barron, your father and mother still wish you’d never been born.

    no matter how those gay republicans hate liberals, hate blacks, hate other gays, and hate themselves, they’ll never get over the bitterness that Gay Liberals have balls, spines and hearts.

    poor sad white boy. this is what happens, folks, when you refuse to let your balls drop.

    gay republicans are the reason the GOP doesn’t support LGBT Equality – they don’t respect themselves and therefore their chosen republican allies don’t respect them either.


  • 2eo

    @Little-Kiwi: They resent winning, they hate it with every ounce of their being. They cannot accept that people are happy and willing to fight for the right to be treat as an equal.

    They’re losing and they will all die failures, complete in the knowledge they have lost everything they stood for, and their values die with them because they are significantly less than human.

  • Little-Kiwi

    it’s called “I don’t want what I haven’t Got” – namely, actual love and acceptance.

    sure, gays can be welcomed into the GOP. as long as they cut off their balls, never stand up for themselves, and spend each breath insisting that they’re not like “those gay liberals”

    *massive eye-roll*

    Barron got married in DC. he didnt’ do any work to make marriage equality a reality in DC, but he sure went there to reap the rewards of the hard work done by liberals.

    pity Barron and the boys of GOProud. they will never, ever, know the joys of a life lived to the fullest, nor the love and acceptance of family and friends. and it’s messed them up royally.

    to all those who are unfortunate enough to be born into right-wing families – rise above it. get away from it. you’ll find you’re better off without those cancers in your life.

  • Ogre Magi

    Couldn’t they at least find a conservative that was not so blatantly anti-gay?

  • Little-Kiwi

    Ogre, you’ll have more luck finding a unicorn.

    the best a conservative can say is “i don’t HATE gays, i just don’t care to help them”

    life fail.

  • jamesnimmo

    These anti-gay gay-GOPers (dba Stockholm Syndrome victims) will negate themelves and us at every turn. However, when we finally do have civil equality they will be happy to avail themselves of all the legally recognized rights–those they haven’t already purchased for themselves.

  • DarthKitsune

    He’s as disgusting as she is, and then some.

  • erikwm

    Coulter may occasionally argue gay PEOPLE should be welcome in the conservative movement. She never argues gay RIGHTS should be welcome in the conservative movement.

    Simply believing we should be able to exist, as long as we support her political philosophy and don’t ask for equality, hardly makes her an ally.

  • Randal Oulton

    Uncle Tom.

  • dbmcvey

    Chris Barron, who has made his name selling out gay people defends a woman who slandered gay people. Who’s surprised?

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Randal Oulton: Hah. Stole the words right out of my fingertips.

    Uncle Tom doing Uncle Tom things.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @DarthKitsune: Actually, he’s worse. Ann Coulter’s just a self-serving publicity whore who found she could rake in the bucks by putting on a right-wing clown act.

    But this Chris Barron? The man is so filled with self-hatred that he’ll let Republicans feed him shit and say thanks for the chocolate. And it just burns me up inside to imagine all the Republicans (the ones who condescend to associate with him at least) treating him like their little gay whipping boy, and laughing behind his back at what a spineless quisling he is, and him just sitting there and taking it, and saying, Thank you, sirs, for accepting me as one of you.


  • MK Ultra

    They are two wrinkled, old hags. Why bother caring what they say?
    One of them is a ghastly, soulless witch whose dried out ovaries have clearly aged her immensely and now she’s bitter about it. The other is Anne Coulter.
    As i’ve mentioned before, they are professional trolls. Every day their thought process is “how can we annoy the liberal left”.
    And every day their simple plan of “say or do something anti gay” works. They want to be a “somebody” and the attention we give them makes them that somebody.

  • yaletownman

    I don’t think that I could describe Barron any better than previous comments. What is baffling to me is that we now live in a world where we know so much. Modern psychology, 12 step programs, etc. have come together with ancient philosophies and spiritual traditions and the reason that men like Chris Barron and other GoProuder’s do sell their souls is well illuminated. How do they not get it? I suppose that denial and the drive away from the self that self hatred causes is far more powerful than I realize. Part of me wants to have compassion because I remember my own coming out process brought up my own reasons for self denial and repression but it was never possible for me to be gay and stay aligned with anything that didn’t present itself lovingly toward me. The thing for me is learning to maintain compassion for these lost people while making sure their own mental illness isn’t allowed to wreck damage on me or my fellow out and growing brothers and sisters.

  • Little-Kiwi

    @yaletownman: the difference is, brother, you remembered the pain and were proactive about it. they remember the pain and want to inflict it on others.

    they’re complete cowards.

    i have pity for young gay people born into GOP families. I have no sympathy for those gay people who grow up and refuse to be adults and defy the bigotry of their GOP families.

    you can’t choose what type of family you’ll be born into. as an adult, however, you can choose how you respond to it.

    these boys take the loser’s route.

  • AxelDC

    Joking about gay homeless teens is always so witty.

  • Cam

    And remember, GOProud is NOT a gay group. The majority of it’s board are straight. It was a group formed so that if anybody accused the GOP of being anti-gay bigots, they could send somebody from this group to defend them against that charge.

    It is a straight republican group that has as it’s spokesperson a gay guy.

  • stadacona

    Coulter’s tweet was funny and harmless. What’s truly disturbing is the gay lunatic leftist extremists – ready to explode at the drop of a tweet – so much hatred and violence in them – must have been raped by an pervy uncle.

  • yaletownman

    @Little-Kiwi: Thanks for building upon what I said. You are absolutely correct.

  • yaletownman

    @stadacona: Why do you even bother? That dribble you are putting out doesn’t penetrate any intelligent universe. Stop projecting the uncle thing and get some help. Nobody can take away from you what happened to you. Cheers!

  • alexoloughlin

    Let’s not forget, Chris Barron once opposed marriage equality up until recently when we all learned he married his partner in DC. What a f_cking hypocrite, reaping the benefits and privileges of marriage and who did NOTHING to support it and remains silent and inactive while referenda to ban civil marriage equality in Maine, Washington State and Maryland are being fought to make our lives better and more equal. He’s a disgusting piece of human existence who’d sell his soul to the highest bidder. He’s delusional to even think that the GOP is an inclusive tent. Since when and if so, why doesn’t it support full equality and why are the majority in their party opposed to it? You can bet Anne Coulter doesn’t believe he should be married either. He’s sicker than she is!

  • sebbie3000

    Don’t you mean: “Human C*ntipede”?

  • Mjl-428

    who is this bitch and why is she talking about the gay community like she’s a part of it? and I’m not talking about Ann for once.

  • jwrappaport

    That’d be a challenge to do a human centipede with Ann – she’d give her rear counterpart serious frostbite.

  • Little-Kiwi

    you show me a gay republican with a pair of balls and a spine and i’ll show you a unicorn.

  • yaletownman

    These gay Republican’s are mostly pathetic wannabes. They think that just because they are cutting the hair or a personal shopper at Neiman’s for a few wealthy people that they might be one of them. It’s pretty hilarious. I remember seeing a documentary a while back that showed one of them driving his mom around Palm Beach to admire the mansions. He was some kind of in home hair dresser to some of the Palm Beach blue hairs. He was so sad and desperate because he wanted to be one of them so badly. Little does he or any of them realize is that at the end of the day they never will be accepted into that or any similar society. Doesn’t Anne Coulter live in Palm Beach? Maybe this Chris Barron character thinks that she might get him into the Polo club or something.

  • manxxxx

    While I find Anne Coulter’s remarks to be patently offensive, hateful, and hurtful, Chris Barron’s comments are disturbing. I cannot begin to comprehend why or how a gay man could go there. My partner of 37 years and I have had a good life, but it’s not been quite so easy as our hetero siblings. It’s been a long, hard fight since I was in college during the Stonewall years when I was still trying to claw myself out of the closet but didn’t no how. To have a gay man such as Barron dismiss Coulter’s remarks as he does and then to attack GLAAD as being oversensitive or overreacting sickens me. I realize I have no right to judge or talk about his motives because I don’t know him; however, he must not be as comfortable and proud as a gay man as you (all) and I am. He deserves our pity, and that, my friends, is as far as I’ll go. Sadly, he’s not worth our time and energy.

    If any of you have ever seen the mini-series “V” which dates from the early 1980s you will recognize Chris Barron as one who would have been one of the opportunists who welcomed the aliens who had come to earth to harvest mankind as a food source. My view of GOProud is that they would offer up any of us gay/bi/lesbian/transgender to the cannibalistic GOPers just so they could find acceptance from a group who will never, ever offer acceptance.

  • yaletownman

    @manxxxx: Wow! 37 years with your partner, Stonewall and coming out of the closet with no roadmap and I suspect little support, especially in the bigger world. Not to mention the other things I can only imagine you’ve seen and lived through. I am humbled and bow before you. It fills my heart with so much love and pride when I am reminded of our older brothers and sisters and the steps they took, often times in the dark, to help carry us where we are today. It also reminds me that organizations such as GOProud are nothing short of blasphemous to those who have spent a long life enduring the journey we are still walking to reach our promised land.

  • Niall

    The entirety of GOProud are disgusting, every single one of them.

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