GOProud’s Chris Barron Comes To Ann Coulter’s Defense, Blasts GLAAD

Though Ann Coulter’s homophobic tweet about National Coming Out Day made a lot of people angry, GOProud’s co-founder Christopher Barron thinks everyone should take it easy on the fire-breathing she-demon.

Barron told The Advocate that he knows Coulter personally (which already discredits him as a human being, but we digress) and that she “has been a strong ally of gay conservatives. Indeed, Ann has gone into the lion’s den at places like CPAC to make the case that gay people should be welcomed in the conservative movement.”

Barron then flipped the script, blaming GLAAD for “criticizing” Coulter (i.e. asking people to sign up for Spirit Day, those assholes) yesterday. “The criticism of Ann by an organization like GLAAD is laughable. As long as GLAAD thinks that is acceptable they can spare me the trumped-up selective outrage over a joke made by Ann. Putting GLAAD in charge of what passes as acceptable or unacceptable discourse is a little bit like putting a pyromaniac in charge of the fire department.”

Unsurprisingly, with Barron brown-nosing his way into this shitstorm, this becomes a partisan issue. As he shifts the blame to GLAAD, which reported some numbers and facts regarding victims of family rejection, Barron immediately points the withering finger of blame to the gay left. But Coulter’s remarks are offensive to conservative and liberal gays alike.

So it’s no wonder that Barron and Coulter are so close – it’s impossible to tell where one’s idiocy ends and the other begins. Sorta like a human centipede.

Photo: GOProud