new leafs

Gov. Charlie Crist Is Easing Up On His Restrictions of Gays Adopting, Checking Out the Ladies

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has plenty of hang ups, his sexuality being one of them. But what’s this about him finally letting go of that ban on gay adoptions?

“I’ve always felt that marriage is a traditional [thing] between a man and a woman,” he tells Time. “If you want to have couples or partners who want to reside together [in civil unions], I don’t have a problem with that. It’s also important that you have a live-and-let-live attitude as regards adoption. I’ve always supported civil unions, but I think marriage in the traditional sense is what I believe in.”

Well isn’t that a turn of events. No longer attached the Republican ticket, might independent Charlie find himself a freer thinker than before? This time last year he was embarking on an “Explore Adoption Day” tour, where he went around his state trumpeting the success of Florida’s ban on gays adopting.

But maybe Charlie has turned a whole new leaf. After all, he’s now cruising the beaches.