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Great News, Joe Solmonese: Andrew Sullivan Found a Way For You To Keep Keep Your Job

Andrew Sullivan renews October’s call for Human Rights Campaign chief Joe Solmonese to step down “if we do not get a successful vote [on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell] in this Congress.” Ahhh, now Andrew is inserting qualifers! But it’s also like: yeah. On the upside, if Congress does manage to pass a DADT repeal, even in some ballyhoo fashion, Sullivan will stop calling for his head I guess?

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  • James UK

    Maybe he can run HP.

    Worked for Carly.

  • Cam

    HRC constantly says that their way of doing things works. Lobbying and being in really tight with the lawmakers. Well, they have a Congress that is heavily tilted Democratic. They have a gigantic majority in the house and Senate and yet HRC for all their supposed clout in DC couldn’t get a bill passed that over 70% of the U.S. wants.

    To me that would indicate that within their own field of expertise they have failed and are useless. On the other hand, they have opposed every single court case at first that has ended up getting us our rights, including the recent Prop 8 ruling and the recent DADT case.

    It really does make you think that they are useless.

  • UMB

    Maybe someone at Queerty should “lose lose” there job…

  • UMB

    their, even…

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