Grindr To Donate Revenue To Gay Israeli Couple Attempting To Have A Baby


Beginning today, April 10, gay dating app Grindr will donate 100% of its revenues from new subscribers to Grindr Xtra to an Israeli couple that went bankrupt attempting to have a baby.

We first reported on Yuval and Liran’s dream turned nightmare in finding a birth surrogate back in February.  Since then, the couple has garnered support from hundreds of people, including Joan Rivers and Israeli celebrities, through its Mimoona campaign, subsequently raising awareness for legalizing surrogacy for gays in Israel.

Israeli-born CEO and founder of Grindr Joel Simkhai was particularly touched by Yuval and Liran’s plight.

“I read about Yuval and Liran’s emotional personal story and was impressed by their creativity in pursuing their dream of fatherhood, and their persistence, recruiting international celebrities such as Joan Rivers, to help raise awareness that in so many parts of the world the joy of parenthood and other aspects of family are still not available to gays who are not equals in the eye of the law,” Simkhai said in a statement.

“We at Grindr believe in giving back to the gay community that’s been so loyal to us and made us the #1 dating app for gays. With our ability to reach millions of users, Grindr is in a unique position to provide real and meaningful assistance within the community and advance the cause of our community worldwide.”

Starting this week, the following ad will appear on the free version of Grindr, as well as Grindr for Equality’s website and Facebook page:

Yuval and Liran need help with their surrogacy dream. Their government sent them false leads and dead ends that cost them thousands and put their dreams of fatherhood on hold. They have decided to continue to pursue their dream but need a helping hand. You can help by donating to their dream and sharing the story.  Also, for the next week, 100% of Grindr Xtra revenue from new subscribers will be donated to Yuval and Liran.

“Cruising  for a cause” — you can have that one on us, Grindr.

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  • Boytoy

    They are a beautiful couple and i wish them well.

  • knoxxy2008

    Thats sweet!

  • Cee

    How about donating to help homeless gay youth?
    That’s something that’s really bad right now and getting worse.
    I’m not going to write a list, but there’s a lot of more important causes to donate to.
    Donating 100% of your profit from new members to a gay couple trying to have a baby sounds ridiculous to me. Just my opinion. People can do whatever they want with their money, but I’m not applauding Grindr. Not for this.

  • oilburner

    I agree. Gay men like this completely annoy & irritate the living hell out of me

  • Cam


    And Cee, somebody could just as easily turn around and attack your cause by saying “Donating to homeless youth in a country that doesn’t kill them? What a waste! We should be donating to help gays escape countries that kill them.”

    You can’t attack a company or person for donating to what they think is important. I frankly think that helping out homeless and abused gay youth is more important and have donated to that but I’m not going to scream at some person donating to bring attention to any obstacles gays face.

  • viveutvivas

    @Cee, I agree completely. People can give their money to whomever they want for whatever narcissistic cause they like, but, to Grindr, don’t pee on us and tell us it is raining.

  • TinoTurner

    I was in DC about a month ago, it must have been a slow news day because they featured a dumbass gay couple who were selling cupcakes to raise money for a baby because they couldn’t afford it. A BAKE SALE FOR A BABY!!!?!??!?! The article made zero mention of what they intend to do when the kid needs braces or needs new gym shoes. The part that infuriated me most about that article and this couple is….why not adopt!? Screw you for going bankrupt because you’re so selfish that you want to bring a baby into this world with your genetics. I dare you to look at photos online of precious children in foster care that will most likely never be a part of a loving family. I fully intend to foster/adopt once I’m financially secure and I’d NEVER be a greedy mother fucker like these two that need Grindr and Joan Rivers to the rescue.

  • Cam


    You may want to read the actual story. It was because of phony and misleading “Help” that these two wasted hundreds of thousands unnecessarily.

    But then again, why learn the truth when you can just bitch…

  • TinoTurner

    @Cam: Doesn’t change the fact that there are millions of precious children needing homes…bitch.

  • skcord

    @Cee I couldn’t agree more! Further, i’m shocked by how many surogacy stories I have heard lately. Adopt if you can! I understand that some regions make gay apoption difficult, but bringing more life into this world doesn’t sound like the answer.

  • SoThenWhatHappened

    @Cee: How about you donate YOUR money where you want to donate it to? It’s none of your business where other people donate THEIR money.

  • ChiChi Man

    @Cee: Completely agree. Surrogacy costs tens of thousands of dollars in order to create more children on an over-populated planet full of unwanted children who need love. Adoption is a fraction of the cost and better for the world.

    That said, it is ridiculous that gays have no surrogacy options in Israel. We should have the right to be narcissistic over-populaters, just like the straights.

  • erics

    @SoThenWhatHappened: If its none of our business, why did Grindr publicize and advertise about it? Grindr wants us to know, and when you do that, you have to accept some people might criticize you.

    Grindr has a right to put their money wherever they want, and we have a right to think they’re being ridiculous with where they put their money.

  • Dixie Rect

    Why not help some couple in the United States?

    Surely there are gay couples in this same situation, in this country.

  • 2eo

    @erics: This my friend is the first reasonable thing posted in this thread.

    You should all read it, decide it can’t be topped, because it’s the only one that’s completely right and just upend and congratulate the man.

  • Freddie27

    Raising money for a baby? This campaign reeks. If you can’t afford to get a baby through artificial insemination, then you can’t afford a baby full stop. What next? A fundraising video to pay for pre-k or the kid’s first braces? Campaign against the homophobic adoption laws in Israel yes, but encouraging a financially incompetent couple to adopt a child is cruel to both.

    Can’t the couple just go adopt one of the thousands of Palestinian kids their government makes orphans every year?

  • MK Ultra

    Gotta agree with these commentors. Nice gesture but self-serving.
    They see the trees but can’t take in the whole forest.
    How about instead of helping ONE financially ill prepared couple, why not do more to help the larger, on-going issue of gay adoption and surrogacy.
    Help solve the overall theme of the issue, instead of one episodic event.
    They can do with their money what they please but don’t expect applause and accolades for what is cheap, and perhaps irresponsible PR.


    To you love Yuval, and Liran, you know what to say to the fucking religion in your country!. If not!? I can tell them just let me know. AdamHomo

  • tdx3fan

    Gay or straight… if you can not afford to pay your bills and can not even realize that before attempting to buy a baby on credit then you SHOULD NOT be a parent. Seriously, supporting this couple is like making a justification for stupidity and bad behavior. If you want a baby then put yourself in a situation where you can actually afford it first… That goes for both gay and straight couples!

  • tdx3fan

    @Cam: So not only are they willing to blow way to much money on something that they want for themselves, but they are to stupid to do research about the topic before doing it… none of this speaks to parent of the year material. Poor child!

  • tdx3fan

    @SoThenWhatHappened: Tell that to ANYONE that is boycotting Chick-Fil-A! Seriously, if they want my money (Grinder) than I should have right to criticize where they are going to send that money!

  • Cam


    Again, please read the story. This was a govt. agency that provided misleading information that caused them this problem. Try not to be so eager to attack that you don’t actually read the facts first.

  • Cam

    @TinoTurner: said…

    “@Cam: Doesn’t change the fact that there are millions of precious children needing homes…bitch.”

    Your comment is idiotic. No, it doesn’t change that. And snow being cold doesn’t change the fact that fire is hot.
    If you want to donate to one place good for you, if somebody else wants to donate to another good for them. Does somebody donating to organizations to help kids read mean that they are causing the problem of women being raped because they AREN’T donating to rape crisis centers? No, of course not.
    Here is a thought, you are perfectly welcome to donate your money to where you think it needs to go….my guess is that you would much rather complain about others than actually put a dollar of your own money into any charity.

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