Grindr To Donate Revenue To Gay Israeli Couple Attempting To Have A Baby


Beginning today, April 10, gay dating app Grindr will donate 100% of its revenues from new subscribers to Grindr Xtra to an Israeli couple that went bankrupt attempting to have a baby.

We first reported on Yuval and Liran’s dream turned nightmare in finding a birth surrogate back in February.  Since then, the couple has garnered support from hundreds of people, including Joan Rivers and Israeli celebrities, through its Mimoona campaign, subsequently raising awareness for legalizing surrogacy for gays in Israel.

Israeli-born CEO and founder of Grindr Joel Simkhai was particularly touched by Yuval and Liran’s plight.

“I read about Yuval and Liran’s emotional personal story and was impressed by their creativity in pursuing their dream of fatherhood, and their persistence, recruiting international celebrities such as Joan Rivers, to help raise awareness that in so many parts of the world the joy of parenthood and other aspects of family are still not available to gays who are not equals in the eye of the law,” Simkhai said in a statement.

“We at Grindr believe in giving back to the gay community that’s been so loyal to us and made us the #1 dating app for gays. With our ability to reach millions of users, Grindr is in a unique position to provide real and meaningful assistance within the community and advance the cause of our community worldwide.”

Starting this week, the following ad will appear on the free version of Grindr, as well as Grindr for Equality’s website and Facebook page:

Yuval and Liran need help with their surrogacy dream. Their government sent them false leads and dead ends that cost them thousands and put their dreams of fatherhood on hold. They have decided to continue to pursue their dream but need a helping hand. You can help by donating to their dream and sharing the story.  Also, for the next week, 100% of Grindr Xtra revenue from new subscribers will be donated to Yuval and Liran.

“Cruising  for a cause” — you can have that one on us, Grindr.