Guess which A-gay is replacing Kathy Griffin as Anderson Cooper’s NYE cohost?

After her whole Trump decapitated head kerfuffle, Kathy Griffin’s world basically turned upside-down.

Was it fair? Hell no.

Did she lose her gig as Anderson Cooper‘s New Years Eve cohost on CNN? Yes, she sure did.

Her (frankly undeserved) firing left a vacuum in the high-stakes world of news network new year’s hosting, but who would step into this coveted role and become a freshly minted god of counting down from 10?

Who would have the chops? The forced banter? The ability to fake enthusiasm that 2018 is going to be any better than 2017?

None other than Anderson’s bestie, Watch What Happens Live host and Bravo mascot Andy Cohen.

Yeah, still not going to be watching CNN on New Year’s Eve. We’d just as soon watch Air Bud on Halloween night.

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  • Terrycloth

    Yawn….I’m glad I have 300 channels…I’ll find something better to watch..

  • mhoffman953

    Looks like CNN will keep losing in the ratings against Nick-at-Night

  • leobaga

    “Undeserved firing”? Hehehe. Oh believe me she deserved it. Good riddance!

  • Kieran

    I’m so glad we won’t be seeing this untalented clown on New Years Eve. Good riddance Bozo.

  • oz1967

    two backstabbing bitches for the price of one, nope I will watch a real queen ryan seacrest.

  • BOB K

    Although Andy and Anderson are a lot of fun together I don’t see the network using the two of them.
    Kathy alienated half the country with the dumb severed head trick which makes her not usable for a family New Year’s Eve.
    (I haven’t forgiven her for giving ammunition to the other side with her vanity and stupidity of doing that)

    • Xzamilloh

      She never should have apologized, because she didn’t mean it (as is evident now), and because that press conference checked off every third wave feminist drivel and made her look even worse.

    • heath0043

      Since when was CNN New Years Eve with Kathy and Anderson a family New Years Eve?

    • geb1966

      And I am sure she is heartbroken that you haven;t forgiven her.

  • BriBri

    Oh how fun, they can reminisce about when Times square was wall to wall book stores and glory holes!

  • Polymath Level8

    Andy Cohen is a talent-less media whore who ruined Logo with cheap, moronic reruns.
    It is too bad about Kathy. Of course she needed to be fired after that stunt. But the NY gig with Anderson was great: a raunchy woman and a prudish, Puritanical gay mad with a girlish giggle. It was classic. I will so miss that.

    • mrichiej

      You do realize that he was a huge driving force for making both Logo and Bravo as big as they are.

  • Polymath Level8

    I meant Puritanical gay man.

  • Kangol

    Dull and duller. Anderson Cooper’s shtick is nada without Kathy Griffin pushing him. It’s too bad she didn’t just dress up like Trump in drag; that probably would have pressed his transphobic buttons to the breaking point, and she’d still have her career intact.

    • mrichiej

      I agree with you that he will be nothing without her. She pushes Anderson to get him out of his comfy box. Just makes him better. I think Andy Cohen is pretty amazing but I don’t think he can do as well as Kathy Griffin did.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Yeah – although I would probably enjoy seeing Andy’s balls drop (on my face, ha) I doubt there will be much TV chemistry with this duo.

  • JessPH

    Meh. Kathy Griffin could have hold Trump’s real head and I’d still choose to watch her over Cohen anytime.

  • Vatican Lokey

    I will miss Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper together. I’m not at all upset about “that picture,” it’s called satire. And, while I have nothing personally against Andy Cohen, I just don’t see the same kind of on-screen chemistry that Griffin and Cooper enjoyed. Griffin was able to push Cooper’s buttons with her shenanigans, and it was always enjoyable, even for him. Cohen and Cooper just seems like a recipe for mediocrity.

    • Robert-in-Seattle

      Like an old married couple that can only make themselves chuckle, but no one else get the joke…Except that they are the joke. Without Kathy, it’ll be a snooze-fest.

  • Creamsicle

    With the advantage of hindsight Kathy Griffin’s only mistake re: the severed head photo shoot was revealing it too early. If she had done it post-Charlottesville then I think a lot more people would have stood with her. I like her unapologetic again. That was always her shtick.

    All comedians push the line, and she just pushed it a little farther than any major male comedian was willing to ay the time because she’s got a bigger dick and balls than anyone else in the industry.

    She’s played the crappy venues, and proven over time that she has a dependable audience willing to back her up and, more importantly, want her to speak her mind. She’s not afraid of the slog. She did it before. She’ll do it again, and she’ll have a bigger fan following for having stuck to her guns rather than bending under pressure.

  • passingthru

    Griffin is certainly MUCH more well known now than she ever was before and probably ever would have been. Bad publicity is still publicity. People who would not buy her tickets now because of this are most likely people who would not have bought tickets anyway. There are certainly people who wouldn’t have necessarily gone to see her who absolutely would now I have never seen her but if she does a show where I live, I will definitely be there. As for Cooper and Cohen, no interest – yawn.

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