Family Feuds

Gus Kenworthy And Steve Harvey Have Some Choice Words For Parents Who Abandon Their Gay Kids

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When I came out as gay to my family, they were completely loving and supportive, but unfortunately, that’s not a reality for a lot of LGBT youth, and so when they tell their parents a lot of kids end up on the streets and so the Happy Hippie Foundation is for LGBT at-risk youth.”

So said freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy to host Steve Harvey during a recent Celebrity Family Feud appearance, and Harvey — despite a history of saying some head-scratchy things about the LGBT community in the past — expressed support for the cause.

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“I guess I don’t get that part, you know?” he said. “If it’s my kid, it’s my kid. I don’t know how I would stop loving my kid, man. That ain’t getting ready to happen. Now if your ass ain’t working, you got to get out.”


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