Locker room confessions

This guy’s response to homophobic straight dudes in the locker room is priceless

A lot goes on inside the men’s locker room.

In a newly resurfaced Tumblr post, Cody Harpster shares an incident that happened to him a few years ago. The post, which was first published in 2015, recirculated online this week and has garnered nearly 140,000 responses.

“One day I walk into the locker room after gym and all the guys have their arms bent and are talking like valley girls,” Cody writes.

The guys were mocking effeminate gay men. They invited Cody to join the fun, not realizing he was closeted gay man.

“Act gay with us!” one of the guys said.

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That’s when Cody threw them a curveball.

He informed the guys that gay men don’t act in any certain way and that it’s actually impossibly to know whether someone is gay just by looking at them.

“I know for a fact that there are three gay men in this locker room right now and you don’t know who any of them are,” he added.

That’s when the whole locker room erupted into pandemonium.

“Suddenly everyone flipped shit,” Cody writes. “Every guy in a fifty foot radius scrambled to cover their junk and started yelling.”

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He continues: “I heard things like ‘you’re the fucking faggot, aren’t you?’ and ‘quit looking at my cock you queer.’ Guys who have been friends forever began to turn on each other. Two guys had similar shorts and mixed them up when hurrying to cover  their crotches. Everyone was screaming and yelling.”

Cody says the disruption he caused was one of his “crowning achievements” in life.

“I feel nothing but pride about how I caused utter chaos with two sentences,” he says.

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