Happy Endings

Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley will start in a film with “lesbian undertones.” Hey, if Lohan’s going to eat something, it might as well be poon. [Pink News UK]

• New ad campaign proves that living in Chelsea make you the coolest douche bag ever. [Copyranter]

An ex-gay civil war? Sweet! [Los Angeles Times]

Madonna always gets what she wants. Even if that means kidnapping African babies. [AP]

CBGB closes shop. For real this time. [The New York Times]

Boy George says he often pays for sex. Well, duh! No one wants to sleep with him for free. (Also, calls Madonna “vile”.) [The Himalayan Times]

Gay college guide ranks the nation’s schools. The system: the gay-point average. Oh, how clever… [Chicago Tribune]