Happy Endings: Public Relations Queens Can Fight Too!

• This article is a little old, but the internet is a big place, give us a break: a group of 50 presidents and CEOs of Minnesota’s “creative” companies are urging the state governor to oppose the planned constitutional ban on gay marriage. Minneapolis is home to some of the nation’s largest advertising and PR companies, and executives fear they won’t be able to attract members of the “creative class” if the state is made more hostile to gay people. We think this is a brilliant lobbying technique: imagine socialites in NYC are calling their governor in a state of panic, fearing if gay marriage isn’t legalized soon, all the queers will move and then who will hang their curtains? God forbid. [InForum]

• Valerie Cherish is coming to DVD. There is a God! If you don’t know who she is…you probably don’t need to buy the DVD. [Popbytes]

• Trannie love reaches new heights. This is the most “not safe for work” clip ever. EVER. [TheMalcontent]

Rep. Susan Davis signs on to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She’s the 115th member of Congress to support this new bill, but her support is especially significant: her constituency covers some of the largest military bases in the US. Feel that? It’s the winds of change blowing on you. Very exciting. [24/7Gay]