Happy Endings: The Day The Gays Got Blamed For Balanced Coverage

NewsBusters, the watch dog group dedicated to “exposing and combating liberal media bias”, are taking aim at GLAAD the group released a statement in which president Neil Giuliano “urges” the media to commemorate Falwell as a homo-hating monster:

As they look back on the life of the Rev. Falwell, media have an opportunity and a responsibility to reflect on the outdated, hurtful attitudes and beliefs he embodied…

It’s an important opportunity to take stock of how far our nation has come in moving toward a more respectful and inclusive society, and how far we still have to go.

Newsbusters go on to accuse CNN of buying into the Falwell bashing:

On Anderson Cooper 360, CNN correspondent Randi Kaye, who raised eyebrows in December for a story worrying about Saddam suffering when he hanged, shared no comparable horror at the death of Falwell. Her transcript read like a commercial for GLAAD… Anchor Anderson Cooper titled his segments “Faith and Fury,” and fury was certainly in heavy rotation on CNN.

If only Evangelical revisionists were in charge of the media…

America’s Next Top Model‘s (Ms.) J Alexander warns touchy-feely fans to back off: “I knocked a lot of people in the nose and knocked a lot of people in the head and knocked a lot of people in the chest for grabbing up on Miss Jay.”

• California-based gay activist Larry Sprenger has died. Sprenger’s work with the Municipal Elections Committee of Los Angeles helped close bath houses to stop the spread of AIDS.

• CBS’ Kiddie Nation proves that reality television really is for children.

St. Petersburg Pride banned! The city’s just too dang busy, you see?

• Wanna see some cute boys? Sure ya do! Especially when they’re fine ass D&G models posing in their undies…

• Just so you know, Antarctica’s still melting.