And A Chipmunk Looked At Us

Happy Endings: The Day We Look At Iran

• The literal torture of being gay in Iran.

John Amaechi is a gay pride whore.

Gay Shame activist on pride: “Queer folks exist because of a legacy of direct action activism. However, the gay mainstream is actively working to ‘clean up’ all forms of queerness that do not fit into the white, upper class, married, heathery dream.”

More on “hate crime” victim Aaron Hall.

• Developers are closing in on Lake Cuomo, Italy, where George Clooney keeps a home. Naturally he thinks it’s all about him: “I don’t want my presence here to be a pain to the other citizens, but if you ask me these proposals are in every probability just to exploit the fact that I live here.”

• Hey, you! Check out these pictures from last night’s Good Times.

No hate crime charges against two mean girls who distributed anti-gay fliers.

• South African gay activist Vista Kalipa not about lavender laziness.

Chipmunks can be such drama queens!