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Harding University Prez David Burks Won’t Name E-Zine’s Website Because Even The URL ‘Is Offensive’

Harding University is being very upfront about blocking on-campus computers from accessing the website of HU Queer Press, which is hosting an e-zine published anonymous by gay students telling stories about how oppressive their college experience has been. (Claims like being pressured toward reparative therapy, for one.) Yesterday David B. Burks, president of the private Arkansas Christian school (which also prohibits students from drinking alcohol even if they’re 21+, and staying out late) addressed the scandal:
“We are not trying to control your thinking on this matter, but it was important for us to block the website because of what it says about Harding, who we are, and what we believe.” Truth hurts, you mean?

“I personally found the website to be offensive and degrading,” says Burks of the page that exposes the school’s institutional homophobia. “I won’t even publicly the speak the web address, not because I think I can keep it from you, but because the address itself is offensive to me.” You can predict where his speech goes from here, pointing to the school’s student handbook: “Sexual immorality of any form will result in suspension from the university.” But that doesn’t mean it’s just gay sex! It’s just that Harding believes sexual activity must be reserved for people in a marriage. Conveniently, Arkansas doesn’t let gays get married; thus, any gay sex at the school will get you kicked out.

Nowhere does Burks address the actual allegations made in HU Queer Press‘ “The State of The Gay,” but that’s for another day. For now, I think you’ve got enough meat to go after Burks and his Bible-based beliefs.