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  • Spike

    With all due respect, how many times did this guy throw Obama under the bus regarding DADT?!!? I’m guessing he was not the only gay discharged under DADT but the extent to which he seemed to be on MSNBC’s speed dial, you might have thought so. Listen to meeeeee, do it myyyyyyy wayyyyyy, do it nowwwwwww!!!!!

    Obama said he would repeal it, he did it his way and the next President cannot come in and reverse with a signature. The gays who ABANDONED Obama should be ashamed of themselves. You are nothing short of teademotracts! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

    I’m guessing we can expect to next see this clown on Logo’s A-List, Season 2.

  • Dan Choi

    I am TEH MOST important service member discharged under DADT!

    Now, quick book my $15K speaking engagement and sign up for upcoming book and TV show: “I am Dan Choi, I ended DADT and you are a sellout if you do not admire me”.

  • justiceontherocks

    Dan Choi and many others who held the politicans’ feet to the fire are are a big part of the reason DADT “repeal” passed. Harry reid obviously recognizes that, understands it’s part of the process, and holds no grudges. I suggest the rest of you follow his example and do the same.

  • Jollysocks

    Some of you will never be happy. What, MSNBC doesn’t have all of you on speed dial? Waaaaaaaaah!

  • TBA

    Choi was discharged on 29 June 2010. He is not LT Choi; he is Mr. Choi.

  • GetBalance

    @Justiceontherocks . . . Much of the gay communities emot maturity halted when they realized they were gay different and rejectable, so I take alot if this flap w a grain of salt these days. Thought you might like a different angle on the insolance of which i also have been majorly guilty of from time to time as I realized i was gay at 4. We all do our best to endure. ;)

  • Chapeau


    For all of you Lt. Dan Choi haters .. Fcuk Off please.

    How many of you were willing to put yourself in harms way or get arrested for LGBT EQuality .?.

    Exactly. SSTFU already.

    Lt Dan Choi is a Hero and will be remembered for his service and his advancement of LGBT EQuality.


  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    He wasn’t in harms way. He was a translater. Furthermore are you a commie or fascist? Why do you want to go to war?

  • Spike

    “How many of you were willing to put yourself in harms way or get arrested for LGBT EQuality .?.”

    OH yea, I’m sure handcuffing himself to the White House fence is EXACTLY what pushed those few republican senators to vote to repeal DADT. Again, it’s all about him.

    Amusing to think that getting arrested some how advances LGBT equality. Maybe it’s me but every time I see others getting arrested for ‘their cause’ I’m considerably less sympathetic to the cause.

  • GetBalance

    Dan’s passion for justice help put DADT squarely on the map. So while you’re wining because your doile isn’t that perfect shade of pink, get this while you slither around in your slimey thoughts; unlike you, HE HAS A BACKBONE AND deserves positive consideration. Period.

  • justiceontherocks

    Well said, GetBalance.

    I think Spike is upset because Choi wouldn’t sleep with him.

  • Daez

    @Dan Choi: Yet another publicity stunt. This dude doesn’t need the military, he should go into politics with his love of the camera and need for publicity.

  • Daez

    @Chapeau: Sorry, I didn’t have a book deal coming and need the publicity.

    I also realized that publicity stunts really don’t get bills passed. They make you look stupid and do more to garner your opposition than your support.

    Lets be honest, if Dan Choi wouldn’t have demanded a 10,000 dollar speaking fee from an university organization, refuse to speak there when he didn’t get it although he had all of his traveling expenses paid and thereby tip his hat as an “advocate” for pay, a great deal of us would still respect him. However, he did all of those things and he isn’t worth respecting because of it.

  • Phil

    @no. 10 and 11

    Lol let’s perpetuate the stereotype of limp-wristed, sex crazed homosexual men because you know that does so much for equality right?

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