Harry Styles Kisses James Corden On The Lips, Misses Niall’s Butt

Harry-Styles-and-James-Corden-Kissing-2161149What a liar!

One Direction frontman Harry Styles recently told British GQ that he’s “pretty sure” he’s not bisexual, but here he is, clearly kissing English comedian James Corden on the lips!

Styles recently appeared alongside bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan on UK quiz show A League Of Their Own, where he and Corden were reportedly “reenacting” the “kiss cam” phenomenon. Nick Grimshaw must be so jealous!

But Corden’s luck didn’t stop there. He then convinced Horan to sport a temporary tattoo of his face…on his butt! “We made a thing on the show that he’s the only member of the band without a tattoo,” Corden said. “I said to him we’ve got this idea of putting a tattoo of my face on your body. Niall went, ‘You should put it on my ar*e’.”

Apparently the tattoo remained on Horan’s butt for three weeks, during which he sent Corden photos to prove it was still there.

Now, how much are those photos going for on eBay?


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