Wayne Besen

Hate Carrie Prejean But Love Barack Obama? You’re a Hypocrite

Miss USA

VIEWPOINTS — “This time, however, something had changed. Gay people were finally sick and tired of hearing that they should accept inferior status. When Prejean stated that she hoped not to offend anyone, the truth was she had. For the first time, it was no longer acceptable to repeat this mantra in polite company. Anti-gay commentators were quick to point out the hypocrisy of gay activists. They wondered why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were allowed to say the exact same thing as Prejean while gay activists kissed their rings. The short answer is that Sam Brownback, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee weren’t in the beauty contest. If they had been, Ms. Prejean may have seemed like a pleasant alternative.” —Wayne Besen on the hypocrisy of denouncing Miss California Carrie Prejean while falling head over heels with Barack Obama [Truth Wins Out]