Hate Crime Madness!

The FBI may have just reported that hate crimes had dropped six percent, but judging from yesterday’s rash of anti-homo violence, things aren’t looking so good.

First, a pair of NYPD’s finest pretending to be lovers arrested a man in Union Sqaure park. According to The New York Post, that holy grail of journalism, the men were cozied on a bench when the 20-year old Tyrone George called them faggots and spat on them.

When they broke out the cuffs, the charming George reportedly shouted that he didn’t want “faggots touching him.” Sounds like a sweet kid.

Meanwhile, upstate in Elmira, NY, two men attacked a 31-year old man. The town’s NBC affiliate, WETM, reports:

“They attacked me because I am a homosexual, and they said you’re going to die tonight faggot,” the victim of this attack said.

Elmira Police said a 20 year-old Joseph Loudenslager and 21 year-old Justin Edwards approached the victim looking for a cigarette lighter. The victim said he didn’t have one. Then, police say, the two men attacked.

As the beating drew on, the men apparently got tired, allowing the victim to escape.

Don’t worry, there’s more homo-hating. 365 Gay has reported that a man estimated to be in his mid-thirties taunted and then punched a teenage boy in San Diego, spewing the typical homo-hatred. A 50-year old man attempted to intervene, but got a good ol’ fashion knife slash, instead. In all the confusion, the attacker managed to escape.

Sheesh, what the fuck’s going on out there? It’s news like this that makes us happy we never venture into the real world.