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Have You Heard? The Gays Hate Lady Gaga’s New Song

Apparently, according to the mainstream new media, you think Lady Gaga’s new track “Born This Way” is kind of crappy. I generally read Queerty‘s own comment threads to find out what The Gays do and do not like, rather than whatever Andy Cohen tweets (“”very Blond Ambition meets Express Yourself”), although many homosexuals I spoke with thought the same thing. But if we must have this conversation — and among many gay circles, you must, and you already have — I’d rather it be about what the song’s longevity looks like. Is this the soundtrack of The Gay Teen era, right up there with Darren Criss’ Glee rendition of “Teenage Dream”? Or will this song fall to the wayside, performed on Gaga’s next tour, but not the one afterward, and only again on her sixth tour … the Greatest Hits one?

Or perhaps we can just turn to cultural critic Justin Bieber, whose views may or may not be influenced by losing to Ms. Gaga. (NB: Justin says he’s well aware of the blog Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.)

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  • SKOC211

    Oh stop it. I think it’s fun and fabulous. A late 80’s/early 90’s Madge/pop throwback with a heavy techno/disco influence. The lyrics may be a little heavy handed but in the context of the song they totally work. And gurl can sang.

    Madonna didn’t invent the wheel – youtube “Respect Yourself” if you think she’s some paragon of musical creativity and originality – and I can only imagine what would have happened to her if she had to contend with the internet back in the day.

    And for the life of me I still don’t hear “Express Yourself” other than maybe in a few passing moments.

    Also thanks, Daily Beast, for talking to a few queens in New York and deciding that ALL THE GAYS hate the new song. This gay, also a New Yorker, adores it and thinks that it will mean a lot to some kids struggling out there in BumbleFuck, USA. And if “Born This Way” helps out even one of those bullied gay boys then it’s alright by me and I don’t get the hate.

  • Yuriy

    HEY, you can’t say that just because some don’t like it that no one likes it …. don’t generalize plx!

  • Daveny

    I think the over-hyping killed this song.

  • Jake the libertarian

    Seriously guys… back off Lady Gaga. Her song is great and it is the most pro gay pop song that has probably ever been this widely released… She has been a wonderful supporter of gay rights and gay culture… we have rewarded her with our support and money, and I for one will continue to do so. She is a FRIEND. And if we gays know anything, its the value of a good FRIEND.

    Thank you Lady Gaga. I am a fan and I appreciate the support.

  • Enufothis

    No more Lady Gaga posts. I don’t dislike her (I’d probably like her personally) but she’s really a medicore fad of a performer and that last song was bland. The Queerties have a right to put anything on their blog that they want to, but if I see more Lady Gaga posts I’m staying away from here for a while. Not going to hit on this blog even once. And I suggest others follow my lead and raise their standards and get a life. Think how much time we waste here, arguing with people we’ll never meet.

  • Isaiah

    I like it. Ad I’m gay. What’s your point?

    You know? This is just what we need! Internal disputes that add to the already disadvantaged external pressures.

    Grow up.

  • TheMadHater

    That sound is horrible and her Grammy performance was even worst. Born This Way is so blah and uninspiring!

  • Enufothis

    And, SKOC211, I think there have been more brutal gay-bashings and far less acceptance in NYC than in Bumblefuck, USA. And thinking a song by a female is going to make some gay teen feel good about himself is a little bit…..fantasizing? Especially because “born this way” doesn’t mean anybody is worthy or unworthy or anything. Murderers are “born that way.” Being born a certain way still doesn’t make it necessarily acceptable. As “queeney” as it is, “I Am What I Am” makes way more sense as a gay anthem. It doesn’t argue whether being gay (or a drag queen) is by nature or nurture, just that it’s perfectly fine to be who you are if you’re not hurting others.

  • Green Marker

    A shameless rip-off song written in ten minutes isn’t good enough for me – sorry.

    I’m not going to like it just because she supports us gays.

  • Luxury

    I love it, and it’s set to debut at #1 on the Hot 100, so I can’t be the only one. DEAL.

  • emuroo

    @Enufothis: I know that it’s hard to remember, but women are people too. There are lesbian teens out there (like myself) for whom a woman singing the song is at least as inspiring as a man. I don’t love the song, but to suggest that the message is lost because a woman sings it instead of a man is foolish.

  • Devon

    If you’re going to hype something up the way she hyped this song, you’d best come prepared. She came with a shameless, poorly written Express Yourself/Waterfalls/Vogue hybrid/ripoff that belongs in 1995, and a message that basically translates to “Here’s your new anthem, whether you like it or not. Now worship me, damn it! I’m your savior!”

    Oh and then there’s that whole “you’re Orient”…Thing…Great word choice there. I really like being compared to a piece of furniture.

  • Enufothis

    Emuroo : You’re right. I was wrong on that point. So let me amend that, and keep the rest.

  • Kev C

    If she didn’t release the lyrics, I wouldn’t know what she was singing. To me it sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Benny Lava.

  • Robbie K

    I like it and have it on my i-pod for the gym is it the next “I will survive” from my era? No.

  • SKOC211

    @Enufothis: Having been one of those bullied teens in BumbleFuck, USA ten years ago I can’t imagine what someone like Gaga and a song like “Born This Way” would have meant to me. If you can find some legitimate statistics that back up your claim that there have been more brutal gay bashings in New York than in other more rural parts of the country, then we’ll talk. In general, however, I don’t think anyone would argue that in places like New York, urban areas, and blue states it is easier to be an out gay man.

    And your strangely meta critique of the concept of being “born this way” makes very little sense with regard to the song. “Murderers are “born that way.” Seriously? I don’t mean to be hyperbolic but equating violent actions with, you know, immutable aspects of one’s being is at best misguided and at worst offensive. The whole point of “Born This Way” to me, at least, is to celebrate who you are! We’re all superstars so “give yourself prudence” and “rejoice your truth.”

    So. In conclusion. Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I speak for yourself Queerty.
    I love the song, I listen to it every day since it came out
    At least 5 times per day.

  • Enufothis

    SKOC211 : Then you’re not a New Yorker, you’re a transplant. I was born and raised here. Over the past three years we’ve had the assault on Christopher Street, the Sucuzhanay murder in Brooklyn, the hostage-taking brutalizing of gays by that gang in the Bronx, the College Point beating of Jack Price in Queens, and the Staten Island White Castle gang attack. Other major attacks have been in urban areas like Atlanta, Ga. (both by gangstas and the police) and Austin, Texas (twice, by gangstas). From what “Bumblefuck” are we getting reports like that?

  • Spike

    If the 20something gays need to be spoon fed an Express song to feel good about themselves, so be it. Personally it’s the first GaGa song that I find disappointing. Maybe Ozzie was right about her.

  • Red Meat

    The song broke every record for a female on the radio and downloads and everyone knows the song says “gay” in it. This is pretty much the best thing to happen socially for gays everywhere. I hate pokerface and just dance, I love Born this Way.

  • SKOC211

    @Enufothis: That….was kind of my point. I don’t have any studies or statistics examining hate crimes. My original post merely referenced so-called “BumbleFuck, USA” as being difficult to grow up in and me expecting that “Born This Way” will help out a lot of kids. I’m not claiming it’s some immaculate cure all but, like I said, I can only imagine what it would have meant to someone like me ten years ago. If it helps one person then good for Gaga.

    And having been screamed “fag” at in both New York City (Chelsea, no less) and in red-state Arizona (quite aggressively, too) I still felt and feel safer being in an urban area than out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Andre

    Who cares?
    As if she’s the first artist to rip off another?

    At least this song says something empowering and meaningful, with lyrics that don’t make me ashamed to be educated in America. As opposed to Katy Perry asking me “do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” every time I turn on the radio. Like hello! When did plastic bags develop feelings that I can relate to?

    And no one ragged on Rihanna when she released “Te Amo” which was 99.9% “La Isla Bonita.” So hop off Lady Gaga’s jock.

  • Stenar

    I thought it was just okay at first, but after seeing her performance at the Grammy’s, I liked it more.

    I don’t think the melody is at all like “Express Yourself,” but there are parts of the arrangement, which are very much like it and other Madonna songs.

  • skzip888

    It’s not bad. Oh, she is copying the hell out of Madonna, from the back beat to the shoulder pads to the extra-long side-skewing ponytail. I;m sure Madonna fan’s will hate her even more now. You can say its a ripoff but it’s a decent ripoff.

  • Xtincta

    It pains me that every time someone does a Born this way post and I read through the comments people conveniently forget Carl Bean and Valentino did a song called Born this way nearly 40 years ago about being proud of being gay. Long before it became Fashionable to do so they were the pioneers! Give credit where it’s due! Maybe if they were white women instead of black men they would get recognized. Black history month indeed.

  • Beau

    It’s like anything goes, as long as there is hyped music and a general notion that she’s pro-gay. So the intention is all that matters? That she’s patronizing towards the gay community doesn’t matter? She can be as offensive as she likes, because she means well? Seriously? Anyone seen the pride? I guess it’s in the sewers by now. This is like MJ’s death all over again. People were so in love with the music and their memories, they couldn’t see straight anymore. Let’s just forget about the child sexual abuse accusations. Gaga is not helping us. Wake up!

  • Daez

    Lady GooGooGaGa is absolutely no Madonna. Madonna could actually sing. So, trying to rip off Madonna is not going to help Lady GooGooGaGa.

  • Gigi

    It’s not my fav song but it’s not the worst. Please don’t say that every gay hates it. That’s just not true. What’s more than that, how many high profile people are doing as much to fight for our cause than Gaga? Bitter boys say that she’s only doing it for publicity, but I reject that. She’s already doing enough to generate a buzz, she doesn’t need to fight for gay rights to get more!

  • jason


    Oh, please, give me a break. Madonna was a music and image thief. Her songs were taken from others (compare Express Yourself to Respect Yourself) and she basically copied her entire Material Girl image from Marilyn Monroe. Madonna was THE cut-and-paste job of 80’s and 90’s musical culture.

    As for Lady Gaga, she’s the product of marketing. She’s what happens when sleazy straight guys get together with their vile bisexual female enablers to concoct an image that appeals to sleazy straight guys. The reason Lady Gaga claims she’s for gay rights is due to the fact that she needs to deflect criticism that she’s sexist towards women.

  • jason

    While some queenie types jump up and down breathlessly exclaiming “Lady Gaga is for gay rights, Lady Gaga is for gay rights, Lady Gaga is for gay rights….”, have you ever stopped to think about the following.

    Why are you celebrating a woman who dresses like a whore and claims to be bisexual? You should be celebrating men who do this, not women. When a woman does it, she’s pandering to stereotypes and appealing to sleazy straight guys. When a man does it, he’s challenging, not pandering.

    You should be questioning why the music industry won’t allow for a male Lady Gaga. Think about it. And be careful what you’re celebrating. In Lady Gaga, you’re celebrating the wrong thing.

  • Qjersey

    This has become a meme whose sole purpose is generating web hits.

    As if any of the people “interviewed” in the Daily Beast article have any power or sway in the gay community.

  • jason


    I think The Daily Beast article raises legitimate questions about the slick marketing departments that are behind the so-called gay-friendly attitudes of Lady Gaga and Madonna etc.

    Also, why isn’t there a male Lady Gaga? Why is it that only women are permitted to sing on a stage wearing next to nothing while claiming to be bisexual? Even if these women are not genuinely bisexual, why are they allowed to fake it? Why are we allowing them to get away with it?

    Think about the inherent sexism and homophobia represented by Lady Gaga and you might change your tune about her.

  • E


    Wow. Biphobic to the max, and misogynist with it. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • IE

    I like the song and she’s one of our greatest allies and supporters.

  • jackpacer

    “Born This Way” is an ok song, it definitely doesn’t have the strength of “Pokerface” or “Bad Romance”. I thought her Grammy performance was nothing special or inventive. When I saw the egg thing, I thought that this could be cool, but it fell flat. I first didn’t hear the “Born This Way”/”Express Yourself” connection either. I’m a huge Madonna fan and I just didn’t hear it. Then I searched “Lady Gaga, Madonna” on YouTube, between clips of their hilarious SNL skit, there is a clip of a guy that sings (very well) “Born This Way” and then goes to “Express Yourself” and then on to “Jump” and the songs fit perfectly. Instead of Gaga’s kind of boring performance, what should have happened was Gaga singing her song, then Madonna coming out on stage to sing “Express Yourself” for the second verse. The two could have had a huge duet moment.

  • TomMc

    I’m reserving my final judgement until after I’ve seen the music video.

  • Max Campbell

    Is she gay icon??? But where gay erotic in her music videos? However, video “Telephone” include lesbian kiss. Where gay kiss?????????????????????????????

  • Troy M

    GaGa ripped Madonna off? Hell, Madonna ripped Madonna off.

    As anyone who came out in the 80’s can attest, Madonna was a phenom who pushed moral conventions, gay and straight, but she was hardly an “in your face” advocate for Gay Rights. Sure she was supportive when she needed to be but i don’t recall her putting herself out there like GaGa has. Madonna was more about shocking people with her promiscuousness which, ironically, was not really not all that shocking. Madonna headlines consisted of her and her new boytoy of the month or the latest sacrilege she had committed in one of her videos.

    “Born This Way” may or not be a rip-off of “Express Yourself” and GaGa may be emulating Madonna or she may be “expressing herself” but one thing GaGa is doing that Madonna did not is being up front and out there for the Gay Community.

  • Max Campbell

    Vile porn industry imposes double standards on human sexuality. Porn said that female bisexuality is a good, but male bisexuality is a wrong. And all bi-curious guys suppress their homoerotism and transform to a homophobia!!! Thats why we have gay teen suicides and non-adoption of gay guys in general!!

    Christina Agilera said in 2005 that 2 girls more sexy than 2 guys! Is she gay icon??? Answer me!!!
    Fuck you, stupid hypocrical slut! Fuck you, hetero-male gaze conformist! I HATE YOU!!!

    We need in ANOTHER gay icon! We need in girl who will say that “gay sex it is fascinating”, “I like 2 bisex guys”.

  • Dave

    I don’t care that it sounds like Madonna. So what? That’s how music works. That’s how all art works. Congratulations, you can spot similarities between songs. Have a cookie.

    That said…

    The lyrics are awfully twee. And I don’t think it can be helped. It is, after all, an “anthem”, which I believe comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “hokey as shit”.

    It’s pretty much the nature of the beast. The more message and meaning you try to cram into a song, the more forced and precious and lacking in all subtlety it ends up sounding. At the far end of the spectrum, it just ends up sounding like a parody of itself.

    Case in point: Christian rock, “Inspirational” music, and the like. There are plenty of decent songs by religious people written from a religious perspective or with religious overtones that don’t completely suck, but it’s really, really hard to write a song whose lyrics are all blatantly about how awesome God is and how we must all worship him without it sounding like a joke.

    “Didacticism makes poetry sound cheap,” one of my professors used to say. The same can be said for music. Music can have a message. Music can have a meaning. But when the message or the meaning is the sum-total of the music, you’re sailing dangerously near the shoals of embarrassing corniness.

    “Born This Way” is hardly the worst example, and I must admit I still like the way it sounds (whether that way is “derivative of” or “inspired by” what’s come before). As a whole, it’s not bad. But I mean, c’mon. Sit down and read the lyrics on their own. Hokey, hokey shit. As Oscar Wilde said, “one would have to have a heart of stone to read the Death of Little Nell without laughing”.

  • Jake

    I like the song but it just reenforces Madonna’s staying power and influence. For those claiming Express Yourself was a rip off of the Staple Singers Respect Yourself you could be more wrong. Aside from both using “respect yourself’ in the lyrics they have absolutely nothing in common aside from the theme of empowerment and not compromising who you are. Born this Way and Express Yourself on the other hand are extremely similar. Gaga is often compared to Madonna and has done little to distance herself ESP after this song and the Grammy performance. And Jason you’re an idiot! Madonna has been an advocate for the gay community since the Reagan years when the president wouldn’t discuss AIDS. She did PSAs, spoke about safe sex, losing friends and has continued to be a supporter of the community and cause nearly 30 years later. Listen to “In This Life” from Erotica (about losing a friend who died of AIDS) or Deeper and Deeper (about realizing your falling in love with the same sex). Madge wasn’t as in your face about throwing around the word gay but she will always be the greatest icon our community has even known and I’m only 26.

  • Gaga stinks

    What is there to like about Gaga ripping-off songs or using gays for publicity and self-promotion?


  • Nick

    @Enufothis: Correction: Only one in Austin, TX. What a lot of people never heard about that first “gay-bashing” was that the two guys weren’t beaten up because they were gay. They were drunk, being total assholes out on the street, and initiated that fight. Their opponents just happened to be straight. To top it off, the softball team the two men are on then profitted from their so-called “gay-bashing” by selling drinks and things during the “rally” they pushed to have/sponsored. Don’t bring Austin into your “gay attacks” rant. It’s a great city, very welcoming, and two incidents – one fake and one genuine – should not mar that reputation. The bullying that happens elsewhere on an everyday basis is far more monumental.

    On the topic of the song, it’s good. It’s fun. Amazing? No. She over-hyped it. But it’s a good dance track.

  • dani

    I’m gay and I looove Born This Way. Deal with it Queerty, you’re just getting bitter and bitter.

  • Priscilla Queen of the Jungle

    Oh, God. That awesome GoCheeksGo Youtube medley has sparked a personal Madonna “Vogue” revival for me.

    I was just 9 when the video came out so I did not realize the full extent of the fierceosity of that song.

    I CANNOT get over the “Rita Hayworth. GAVE GOOD FACE.” line! I didn’t know that Madonna was ever that hilarious and campy. #dead

    I can now understand better why the older gays miss her so much–she wasn’t always pumping out trite shit like “Me Against The Music” and “4 Minutes”! :)

  • David Ehrenstein

    The song is crappy, and son’s the singer.

  • Zac

    Who is Gaga?

  • sappho

    have you ever heard of LESBIANS???

  • Spike

    Curious that gay culture has been dumbed down to the point that we are no longer able/capable of choosing our anthems, now they are being forced on us before we have even heard or danced to them. For all of her gay positive statements, Gaga isn’t being very subtle in her marketing of this album.

  • Polyboy

    “Born This Way” rocks. Those looking for depth are bloody disingenuous about what kind of music has been blasted on dance floors for decades.

    The Madonna thing is a feint, a juicy meme to ride on with no actual musical merit, just another wagon to hitch to.

    “Born This Way” is joyous, upfront, and non apologetic. It’s like going to church and it does not need to be subtle.

  • Kev C

    @Polyboy: Right, because going dancing should be exactly like going to church. haha

  • AA


  • Enufothis

    Nick : I wasn’t putting down Austin. Austin is great. Just saying the worst gay-bashings happen in cities. I’ll believe you about the first Austin case (though I didn’t look it up myself) because I know a lot of cases turn out to be fakes (like the Marines case in Savannah with that Kieran Daly character).

  • SR

    After reading anti-Gaga comments, I have to say that it’s not that a lot of straight Americans are idiots, but bunch of the gay ones as well…

  • Michael

    I like the song but I liked it better in 1989 when Madonna sang it

  • Enufothis

    SKOC211 : Well, I guess I understand why you’d feel safer in Manhattan, since Manhattan is just full of adult business people with too much money who don’t have time to worry about what others do or even notice them. But that’s more because you’re an adult now living in an adult world. If you were a teen in NYC, and effeminate, you’d see how bad it would be. In NYC it’s so bad for “obvious” gays in the public schools they actually made that separate Harvey Milk school for gay kids. But all this is just one measure of gay-friendly versus non-gay-friendly. If we go into the gay marriage issue, it’s Iowa that has it, not New York. Etc.

  • Enufothis

    And I still say, if this song makes any of you feel better personally, then by all means enjoy it. I guess we pick a lot of themes for a lot of reasons when songs speak to us personally, whether we’re just imagining it or not. I just think Gloria Gaynor singing “I Am What I Am” seems to me much more gay-relevant. The lyrics. My own “anthem” songs are more personal ones (like “I Vow To Thee My Country”, and I’m certainly not even British. Not even too crazy about the British. But the song speaks to me). And I also think the Lady Gaga thing is so bland and flash-in-the-pan. But that’s nothing more than my own opinion.

  • Michael

    It’s a song. A commercial endeavor by a commercial performer who does this sort of thing for a living. No need to over-analyze this effort. The free market will decide it’s worth, or lack thereof.

  • ~R~

    @Enufothis: As a gay teen growing up in a military environment, music by feamle entertainers is what helped me identify that I was ok just as I was. Inspirational songs such as “One of Us” and “Over and Over”. I think I’d have been quite fond of this kind of music back then (of course, being in a european environment, I was exposed to electro-pop and I’ve loved it ever since) and yes, the message within would have been uplifting. Actually, I find the song inspiring and uplifting even now.

    You are obviously biased when it comes to gay bashings because you live in the place you claim to be among the worst: you were born and raised there SO it is safe to say you don’t know what BUMBLEFUCK areas are truly like. I agree with the other poster: if your going to start calling out such things, you should back them up with evidence… evidence beyond your current living scope. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be surprised when people see you as a pompous ass who likes to seem intellegent by posting things that he has no real clue about. Personal experience is a plus BUT for your wide sweeping remarks, it simply isn’t good enough.

  • YouDontKnow

    You bunch of ungrateful little people. The woman openly advocates for gay rights, and you’re still not satisfied! And as for Born This Way, it is a great song, even though it does sound like Madonna, but in case I missed it, a little Madonna is good for this age because the rest of the music being put out right now is no more than utter nonsense! For example Katy Perry (No I have never felt like a plastic bag), Justin Bieber (Look at me all I can do is dance and lip-synch Baby). Take a little more time to listen and a little less time bitching. And she has said she is the biggest Madonna, so anyone would guess at some point she would come out with something Madonna/80’s centric! And remember there are not many like her for THIS age, unless Madonna plans a big comeback. The rest of Pop stars right NOW aren’t really helping the cause.

  • Tom

    @YouDontKnow: amen! its like whine about obama, whine about gaga, i mean so many gays hate the song that its no. 1 in 2 seconds and like the 4th biggest song o all time on Billboard… lol … a few gays must like it! can we give this a rest and atually enjoy our allies, and leave the angst for freaky republicans who barely think we’re equal at all if not one step away from concentration camps?

  • Corby

    @Jake: Madonna’s song Deeper and Deeper can be interpreted as being about oral sex.

  • YouDontKnow

    correction in my post *biggest Madonna FAN*

  • deferr

    No I don’t, shutup Queerty

  • YouDontKnow

    @YouDontKnow: Thank You!! :)

    Oh and what about the Monster Ball, BoysBoysBoys and Alejandro
    she has two guys make out at the end of Alejandro!
    We really should be happy that she does advocate for gay rights, since she does have one of the biggest fan bases right now!

  • Kev C

    Lady Gaga’s fans are so lame. Justin Beiber’s fans are hardcore. They will threaten to kill people who dis Justin.

  • Enufothis

    `R` : Only you would call me a pompous ass because, in reality, you just don’t like what I have to say. It ruins your pre-determined gay fantasies of what the world is like. Just because I was born and raised and live in NYC doesn’t mean other life experiences haven’t taken me to so-called “Bumblefuck” towns and people as well as minority ghettos in urban areas. It would be wiser of you to have said, “From my experiences Bumblefuck towns can be an abusive environment to young gay males but I’ll believe you that New York, Atlanta, Detroit and other urban areas can be far worse.”

  • Enufothis

    And, still, are we that pathetic that just because someone is pro-gay rights we have to love them? (Not that I hate Lady Gaga). But if we go by that then how come you’re not all cheering on Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld..

  • YouDontKnow

    @Kev C: Yes well, not all fans are crazy little girls with fantasy crushes on a boy they could never have!

  • YouDontKnow

    @Enufothis: Hey, I cheer on anyone who supports the cause!

    You don’t have to love her, just quit with the constant bitching. There isn’t anyone better RIGHT now.. besides P!nk. All the rest of POP stars don’t have the balls to get up on stage and sing about gays and then have loads of people criticize you afterwards.

  • Enufothis

    You Don’t Know : There’s tons of performers right now who are better than Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, UshernelliKylie…they’re all the same…there’s probably ten of each of them, actors and actresses who look vaguely the same and lypsynch autotune stuff, etc. Watch Jools Holland sometime if you want quality. Or, if you want to go pure pop, even Nickelodian’s Big Time Rush is better. But that’s just my opinion. If you like Lady Gaga it’s fine, but I don’t think this blog should give so much attention to the subject.

  • Enufothis

    P.S. : I do kinda like Pink !

  • ryan

    I wasn’t around 30 years ago, I can only tell you from my generation’s perspective of who Madonna is, compared to Lady Gaga. I was born in 1992 when Madonna started becoming old stuff and the AIDS epidemic started losing momentum in the news. Like it or not, Lady Gaga is the new face of the mainstream musical “revolution” and she has used her power to tell the fat girl, the poor kid, or the flaming little gay boy that its okay to be who you are, but people tend to overlook that and judge her based on her reference/inspiration, apperance, or manners. Yes, I believe the song was overhyped, but in the end, she tried to write a valentine to the gay community for this song, which is more than I can say for Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, who could give two shits about their gay fans, does anyone recall the time when Britney was saying homophobic slurs back when she was crazy? Newsflash: every artist has been influenced by other artists. Madonna did covers of songs, did the whole “Marylin” thing, took inspiration from drag queens, etc, etc, ETC. THE KIDS BORN IN THE 90’s ARE THE RULING POWER BEHIND CONSUMERISM AND POPULAR CULTURE NOW. To us, the 80’s scene is something unknown, strange, and interesting because we NEVER EXPERIENCED IT. That is why there has been so many clothing and musical trends referring to that era. To those who were alive during the Madonna 80’s, were you aware of all the references Madonna made from past generations? Were you aware that some fashions in the 80’s were inspired by 60’s and 40’s fashions? NO, unless you were an cultural encyclopedia. It is the same with today’s generation of 15-25 year olds, EVERYTHING IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE RECYCLED…Lady Gaga HAS NEVER MADE IT A SECRET THAT SHE TAKES INSPIRATION FROM MANY ARTISTS, AND NEITHER HAS MADONNA. Madonna introduced the teens and young adults of her time to unknown designers and artists, and was never afraid to tell who her sources of inspiration were, and I HIGHLY BELIEVE THAT THE OLDER GENERATIONS OF THE 80’s THOUGHT THAT MADONNA WAS PHONY AND A KNOCK OFF OF SOMETHING DONE BEFORE. This is happening again with Lady Gaga. Madonna opened the mainstream’s eyes to the underground culture of the time, so has Lady Gaga…Britney Spears and many of these early 2000’s artists had no vocal abilities, they served as mere sex symbols…lip syncing in a green bikini while having a snake wrapped around you was considered sexy, but not completely musically talented, and even then, Britney was taking shit from people from “copying” Madonna. Lady Gaga is at the same vocal range as Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, except, instead of just looking “sexy” she has worked against that and made her life an artistic performance. Art is not for those who are broad-minded…you might see an egg and think it was stupid, but to others, they got it and said “oh, she is going to hatch and be born, hence Born this Way.” In the end, I believe this is the greatest quote out of Anderson Cooper’s interview “Some people take me too seriously, others not serious enough.” Face it, its a completely new decade. Every generation needs a new female superpower dominating the musical world, and to those who were teens in the Britney and Madonna years, those days are over…its time for something new.

  • Gaga stinks


    Gaga is annoying phony who likes to ripp-off songs and would do ANYTHING for publicity, but she’s not important enough to be hated.

  • Enufothis

    Ryan : Every “generation” has more than one type of person or perspective. There are always some who limit themselves to automatically liking what appears on the radio “right now”, and there are others curious enough to investigate singers and music back from before they were born, even back to the ’40’s, even back to medieval times, and choose for themselves what they believe is the highest quality, without letting the state of “new” dictate to them.

  • Enufothis

    And we all “got” the egg. Born this way. When it’s that obvious it’s not cool.

  • ~R~

    @Enufothis: My dear, dear, dear sweet Enuothis, you assign yourself WAY too much power over me. I could care less what you have to say. Just pointing out your flawed argument, which can make people SEE you as a pompous ass. I never called you one, though you are quickly appearing to be one. It’s ok though, you were born that way. ;P

  • Oli

    Oh calm down! I don’t hate Lady Gaga and I love me some Madonna. This website does say some dumb shit sometimes. I think Ryan is right.

  • Enufothis

    ~R~ : I MUST have some power over you if you’re calling me “dear dear dear sweet”.

  • jason

    My, my, have we forgotten how Madonna ripped off Marilyn Monroe’s image for her Material Girl video? Madonna was basically an untalented hack whose voice was made to sound like a little girl when singing “Like A Virgin”, for instance. She was a pervert’s wet dream.

    As for Lady Gaga, yes, she has been vocal in her support for gay rights. Yes, she appears to be much more gay-friendly than Rihanna or Taylor Swift. For that, we thank her. But the problem is that we gay men are still being forced to accept an inferior product.

    By “inferior product”, I mean that we are being fed divas not necessarily because they are great performers/vocalists but because the music industry sees them as more socially acceptable than their male equivalents.

    I personally would love to see a talented male musical artist come out and say that he’s bisexual and then use erotic male-male imagery in his videos. However, the music industry won’t allow it. The honchos at the big companies won’t sign an artist like this. There is discrimination against males of this type.

    Therefore, we basically have no choice but to accept what the music industry throws at us. We are at the mercy of the homophobes who control the music industry.

  • ryan

    @Enufothis You are condensing what I said into a couple of words that totally ignored the other half of what I said. I am a huge musical fanatic (although not professionally educated nor interested), and I have everything from classical to ska to Lady Gaga in my iPod. I am a fashion-turned-sociology major who has copies of Vogue from the 70’s in my closet, so I am pretty aware of alot of things that have happened within the last 50 years when it comes to culture. I am not ignorant, although most of the MTV-watching, Mall-rat, Target-shopping population IS ignorant to some extend. Ideally, yes, the general public is well informed of everything (that majoritarianism in politics) but humans, especially our society, are looking for something with shock appeal that seems refreshing at the moment, and since you guys are just comparing her to Madonna and Britney and the whole trinity of the fabricated female pop star, I decided to limit my references and comparisons to the MAINSTREAM cultural demographic. And in your ideal world, everyone IS independent, but in the real world, it is quite hard to have completely separate thoughts when you grow up with a mass group of people your age that witness the same cultural and historical events. Yes, there are deviated personalities and variations of taste from person to person, but every generation, as a whole, has the same image of what is “modern” and has the overall same attitude, and if you doubt me, you can google the extensive research done with generations from the past 100 years. In any case, you should definitely just accept, upon yourself, that you disagree with the song and let others believe what they want about a 4 silly minutes, instead of trolling this comment box non-stop, as you have, trying to prove 18 year old strangers online wrong who are just trying to show you WHY Lady Gaga is so successful amongst the American teenage crowd. The nagging and the bitching about the success of some girl is not going to affect where you will eat, sleep, and shower today, so let others enjoy it if they want. There are THOUSANDS with your same opinion, you should probably set up a support group.

  • Enufothis

    Jason : That IS too bad. Especially because you know there are young dudes out there watching music vids and lusting after everyone from Tyson Ritter to Everlast, but it’s still not allowed to be acknowledged. Still, though, there’s nothing really wrong with liking “divas”. Not for your own reaffirmation, but just because you like them. As long as they’re quality divas (not like Lady Gaga). I was watching the film “Goldfinger” the other night and saw why everybody adored Shirley Bassey singing THAT one.

  • Enufothis

    Ryan : The only thing I agree with you on that one is that most of us here ARE wasting too much time on a stupid blog arguing with people we’ll never meet and it really affects nothing. Everybody reading this, take at least one month away from these blogs. You won’t miss a thing.

  • Christine

    I love the song. Sure, it has a hint of Express Yourself in it, but I don’t relate to that song, so I think Born This Way is fabulous. I can’t stop listening to it.

  • Christine

    I’m not sure if you guys remember…but Lady Gaga didn’t get famous off of “gay publicity,” she got famous off of “Just Dance.” She did however start her pop career in gay bars. I also don’t appreciate those who are saying she’s using her bisexuality to get herself somewhere and/or that it’s just the image of a bisexual female that isn’t actually bisexual but just using its sexy implications for the male gaze/popularity. She is bisexual. And she did celebrate the bisexual male on her tour as well. She specifically said one of her male dancers was bisexual and that he was one of her favorites, she put the spotlight on him during her performance and asked him to “Show Me Your Teeth” during that song’s performance. The end of the song ended with a male-male kiss with him and another dancer. Seeing Lady Gaga live was better than any Gay Pride Parade I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade. Why? because for once she’s not just celebrating gay people, but bisexuals as well. She’s celebrating us like we’re real and have a legitimate sexual orientation, something that a lot of gay people fail to do.

  • Christine

    Also, as a bisexual female, I don’t think her pantless wardrobe on stage brings down bisexual women. Yes, some stereotypes of bisexual women include promiscuity and sluttiness. But guess what? She’s a pop star, not a lawyer, not a librarian, not a manager at a supermarket. I don’t mind the way she dresses. People need to understand that this fashion comes with the job. I don’t think she’s reinforcing the negative bisexual female stereotypes. I also don’t think that LGBT people should be so afraid of stereotypes. Trying to avoid them like the plague makes it seem like they’re more true than we just relaxed and acted like ourselves. I also don’t think a lot of straight guys think Gaga is sexy anyways. She actually quite turns off a lot of straight guys, despite being a bisexual female. I like that she has a sex-appeal look that a lot of straight guys don’t see as sexy. It makes me feel like she’s gearing it toward someone like me.

  • ~R~

    @Enufothis: hmmmm. some one is reading way to deep into things… wishful thinking, perhaps. :)

  • ousslander

    I didn’t like the song aty first but it has grown on me. I don’t hear the similarities bewteen express yourself and born this way

  • Merags

    The gays don’t hate her new song. You can’t generalize.

    I’m gay, I lover her song. Its amazing. I love her. I hear no similarities between Express Yourself and it. It does have a Madonna feel because Gaga is inspired by Madonna and pays homage to her if anything. My circle of LGBT friends love this song. Maybe its because we’re under 22 and weren’t old enough to remember 80s Madonna – but still. Gaga is amazing and does tons for our community. Her song will last, its really catchy and inspiring. And please stop with the whole Gaga v. Madonna v. Britney – as far as I’m concerned they’re all iconic artists for our community. Though I prefer Gaga, I love all 3.

  • Sam

    GaGa is an ally to the gay community and for that I thank her however Madonna will ALWAYS be the Queen. It’s a lot easier to say “I love the gays” in 2011 rather then the 80’s and 90’s when Madge became an advocate for the community. Some of the young people on here can’t even phathom how big of a star an influential Madonna was at that time and decades later many of us still love and respect her.

  • jay

    lady gaga is definately an asset to our community and i like her music but no i dont like this song. it just seems corny to me…

  • Sexy Rexy

    The problem with the gay community is that we get all drooly and approval-addicted whenever some straight person comes forward and starts speaking for us. She’s pretty presumptuous if she thinks her song speaks for all gays or even a few select ones.

  • AOG93

    I’m a teenager and I don’t need to have been alive to know what Madonna did back in the 80s and 90s, and still does now. I don’t get why people speak so much about her in the past tense… Her last tour was groundbreaking, just like all her tours! I like all of Madonnas past albums [more than her new ones] and here in Latin America she was NEVER forgotten. At first I thought “Ok, this Lady Gaga is edgy….she could go far…” but as time went by, she blatantly copied more and more from Madonna. Her videos [Especially ALEJANDRO] are pastiches of Madonna videos. Both her and Madonna have been advocates of gay rights. Both have things goign for them. Why do we always need to pit 2 artist against each other? María Callas vs. Renata Tebaldi, Patti LuPone vs Bernadette Peters, Madonna vs. Eveyone else, Christina vs. Britney, blah blah blah. We have them all, let them all be. I’m 18 and prefer Madonna to Lady Gaga, but that doesn’t mean I hate her. Don’t waste time bashing. If you don’t like it, don’t buy her single. I won’t. That’s that.

  • jason

    The problem with gay men is that their devotion is easily exploited by female singers who say one good thing about gay rights and that’s that. It reflects the fact that we have limited choice, and that this limited choice is foisted upon us by the music industry.

    Quite simply, there are no male role models for us in the music industry. The industry won’t allow it. In the past couple of years there’s been Adam Lambert but he’s hardly set the world on fire, has he? None of the popular male singers in the top ten are pro-gay in the sense of making a pro-gay statement.

    The music industry is fascist and homophobic when it comes to male-male sexuality.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @jason: And female artists are allowed not just to exploit the gay male market, but with lesbians and kinky str8 boys as well. Madonna, Tatu, Katy Perry and others have done it and everyone thinks it’s “hot” and/or “outrageous”.

  • shane

    “DEAL”? That’s such an annoying comment. It sounds pretentious and contrived. DEAL… lame ass.

  • lj

    Urgh. She’s just decided to be the next gay icon and is totally using us. And someone said we should be grateful??

    And she’s not bisexual. Interesting how no one remembers her EVER being with a girl… how long till she fakes a story that she’s with a girl to cover her tracks?? Like she faked the story about a mad stalker. I wonder how much she paid the girl to pretend.

    she just probably had a girl crush as a teenager and thought “ooh im NOT boring after all!” and now she’s living out the weird/slutty/hedonist bi-girl stereotype.

    She doesn’t kno what she’s talking about. On the meat dress (none of her outfits are her ideas, btw) she said something like “I’m not a piece of meat” again referring to gay rights. But the piece of meat thing is what feminists say.

    And she spends her time pretending to be weird to cover her lack of ability, and also living out the stereotype of the troubled creative genius.

    She pretends to be weird to hide her lack of talent

  • Jeffree

    @LJ: So, trôll, suggest a better gay icon. So far you’ve done the easy part: made lots of assumptions and expressed negative opinions. Try something less lazy: who do you admire? Why?

  • NM

    I agree 100 percent, there’s no one like Madonna the true Queen Of Pop.

  • NM

    Lady gaga is just using the gay community to have a long career. She’s a complete fraud. She copys so many amazing artists like Madonna, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Prince, Andy Warhol, Christina Aguilera, Bjork etc, it’s plain embarassing. The bitch hardly has any real talent apart from being a really good mimic. There are so many more talented divas out there for the gay community to embrace like Goldfrapp, Beth Ditto from Gossip, M.I.A., Kelis, Peaches, Princess Superstar, Janelle Monae, Kelly Rowland, Little Boots, Sia and Roison Murphy who incidently Lady Gaga stole most of her fashion ideas from. I really hope that people open their eyes and start seeing Lady Kaka as the fraud she really is.

  • 12345deviant

    no queerty, it’s just you

  • Dan

    I’m gay and I loathe Gargoyle. I might have been born this way but I am the product of my determination and action. Born this way is a lame excuse. Gargoyle and her little monsters who think that she is original and creative, well you have not really seen what is out there. I was bored this way more like.

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