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Have You Heard? The Gays Hate Lady Gaga’s New Song

Apparently, according to the mainstream new media, you think Lady Gaga‘s new track “Born This Way” is kind of crappy. I generally read Queerty‘s own comment threads to find out what The Gays do and do not like, rather than whatever Andy Cohen tweets (“”very Blond Ambition meets Express Yourself”), although many homosexuals I spoke with thought the same thing. But if we must have this conversation — and among many gay circles, you must, and you already have — I’d rather it be about what the song’s longevity looks like. Is this the soundtrack of The Gay Teen era, right up there with Darren Criss’ Glee rendition of “Teenage Dream”? Or will this song fall to the wayside, performed on Gaga’s next tour, but not the one afterward, and only again on her sixth tour … the Greatest Hits one?

Or perhaps we can just turn to cultural critic Justin Bieber, whose views may or may not be influenced by losing to Ms. Gaga. (NB: Justin says he’s well aware of the blog Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.)