Hear The Gay Music Before You See The Gay Movie


Aside from those few dozen Dolly Parton songs packed onto our iPod, we don’t tend to listen to much country music. But we went ahead and plunked down the cash for the twangy soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain anyway. And we love it.

There are lots of familiar gay and gay-friendly artists on the disc.

Willie Nelson sets down a joint just long enough to record a cover of Bob Dylan’s “He was a Friend of Mine.” But the song’s inclusion among this collection instantly transforms it from a harmless buddy song into a gay love anthem. We can’t help but listen to it over and over again.

Emmylou Harris kicks ass as always with an original new tune, “A Love That Will Never Grow Old.” It’s co-written by Gustavo Santaolalla and Elton John‘s old songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin. And as always there’s the obligatory gay soundtrack entry or two from Rufus Wainwright.

But most impressive is Santaolalla’s beautiful score. It’ll make any fag cry. Except us, of course.

This disc isn’t just for gay cowboys. It’s for all queens. So you don’t have to be Kenny Chesney to pick up a copy though we’re sure he will.

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