Hip-Hop Artist Omarion Can Turn All Lesbians Straight Except For His Lesbian Ex-Wife

Hip hop artist Omarion once tweeted that his very presence could change a woman from lesbian to straight. But apparently women turn into lesbians when they leave him, as evidenced by his ex-wife Deb—an out and proud lesbian recently accused of having a sex change when she tweeted the pic above.

After Deb sent out the picture of herself via Twitter, HipHopN3WS tweeted “Omarion EX-WIFE Undergoes A SEX CHANGE Change She’s Now A DUDE!!!” She responded, “I AM NO MAN NOR WISH TO BE ONE. I AM A LESBIAN.”

You’d think that since the entire hip-hop world is run by a gay mafia that they’d be a bit more sensitive to butch identity. Deb’s just the woman to teach them a lesson or two.