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Hot 97’s Mister Cee BJ Arrest Brews Homophobic Hip-Hop Radio War With Power 105

The arrest of Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee for allegedly receiving a blowjob from another man in a car parked on Manhattan’s West Side continues to reverberate around the hip-hop community. By which we mean: It’s high time everyone took homophobic shots at a man they used to respect before finding out he (allegedly!) likes dick. Enter Charlamagne Tha God, who hosts Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. On Monday, he took to trashing Cee for getting it on with a “transvestite.”

Cee’s Hot 97 colleague and friend Funk Master Flex has been defending him against the allegations, saying he “will lose that friendship” with anyone who disses Cee. Flex appeared on Charlamagne’s Monday show and was advised to tell Cee “don’t mess with prostitutes. … It’s okay if he’s gay but give him some brotherly advice and tell him to move a little better with it. He’s too old to keep getting topped off in cars and cruising for prostitutes.”

According to Charlamagne, Cee — who was picked up twice in October and November for loitering with the purpose of prostitution — “likes gettin’ it in with transexuals.” But remember: Charlamagne has no problem if Cee is gay! Okay. Perhaps this is just standard operating procedure for a radio host in NYC’s never-ending feud with others on the dial: pick a fight with Hot 97 and blammo, up go your ratings. If only it were that easy, because inherent in all of this coverage is the stigmatization black men put on gay black men.

As for Flex? His participation in this war of words —

Greasy talk, huh? Let me explain something to you right now. I know everything that moves in that building. You wanna throw a stone this morning? I know what people like and what people don’t like in that building.

— implies he knows of some closet gays at Power 105, and would have no problem outing them if the hate toward Cee remains.

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