Hot German Dude Wanted After Naked Joyride

Earlier this month, an incredibly sexy German man stripped down to his birthday suit and took his motorcycle for a spin through an open-air Christmas Market in the city of Münster. While I consider this homoerotic joyride a generous gift to all who saw, German authorities announced this week that they’re searching for the man in order to file charges against him.

The man, who keeps his face concealed under his helmet throughout the video, filmed the glorious affair with a mounted camera and with the help of a few friends (one of whom was lucky enough to catch him playing with his junk around the 1:06 mark above). Oh yeah, he was also wearing boots, gloves, and a scarf to keep warm. Thankfully no cock sock.

The stunt appears to have been the result of a bet wagered on the “Baller Boyz” motorcycle club Facebook page, where the man allegedly said he would perform the ride if the post received 1,000 likes.

Obviously, the post received well over 1,000 likes. I imagine the unidentified man’s fan base has grown by tenfold and, for what it’s worth, I really hope it’s actually this guy again.