How Barack Obama Addreses Maine + Washington Without Naming Them

SOUNDBITES — “The President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same-sex couples, and as he said at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, he believes ‘strongly in stopping laws designed to take rights away.’ Also at the dinner, he said he supports, ‘ensuring that committed gay couples have the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple in this country.” —A White House statement issued only when the president was asked where he stood on attempts to shoot down gay union rights in Maine and Washington. Note that he did not use the words “Maine” nor “Washington.”

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  • princess johnson

    go mr. obama!
    he’sjust getting started!

  • Orpheus_lost

    @Princess Johnson

    Seriously? You think this is something to praise him for – a noncommittal comment of vague support that has no specifics and does not directly address the question?

    I sure as Hell hope he’s only “getting started” because we need a lot more support from this tepid president before I’m willing to pull the lever for him or his party in 2010 and 2012.

  • princess johnson

    oh you drama queen.
    b*tch all you want!
    the president says “grab a mop”!

  • Danny

    Surprise, surprise, the president is being vague and non-committal on gay rights. When is he going to be bold?

  • InExile

    Why would he be specific and annoy NOM and Stand For Marriage? Unfortunately he is still trying to be EVERYONES friend which begs the question “exactly what does he stand for?”.

    A leader that shows LEADERSHIP needs to take a stand on issues and be specific. Is he still trying to be friends with the Christian extremists that continue to trash him every time they open their mouths?

  • Orpheus_lost

    @Princess Johnson

    And you run to fetch it, don’t you? You found yourself a president with a six-pack so you’re going to act like a queenie little fanboi and chase after him. I bet you did the same thing for the captain of the football team as well, no matter how many times he beat you up and made fun of you for being gay.

    There’s nothing to be said for suck-ups like yourself. Its sad that we have to share an identifiable group because I really hate to have to claim you.

  • Sam

    I’m so over this website. He issued a statment against not just the initiatives in Maine and Washington, but ALL such types of initiatives, and you’re pissed because he didn’t specify just these two?

    What a bunch of nitpickers.

  • Bill Perdue

    If Obama were serious, which he’s not, he’d call a special session of Congress to repeal Bill Clinton’s DADT and DOMA. And to pass the original version of ENDA (before Barney Frank invited the Democrats and Republicans to gut it) and a tough hate crimes law.

    As it stands this is just more bullshit from a Clinton clone whose only real effect on the question of same sex marriage was to torpedo it in California with his bigoted war cry “gawd’s in the mix.”

    Democratic (sic) politicians are Republicans in drag. Princess Johnson is an idiot.

  • Schteve

    No, he gave another of his famous non-answers. It has nothing to do with not naming them by name and everything to do with being so vague you can’t infer an answer to the question from it.

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