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How Come Nobody Is Watching Nate Berkus’ Daytime Talk Show? (Because It’s Bad)

Nate Berkus gave GQ a list of ten essentials “that keep him firing on all cylinders.” The list included “ties worth stealing,” “my lived-in jeans,” New Balance running shoes, and In-N-Out burgers. The list did not include “an audience,” though perhaps it should have: His new daytime program The Nate Berkus Show, produced with the blessing of big mama Oprah, is flailing after seeing a strong launch a month ago. With 1.2 million viewers, it’s ranked behind Nancy Grace’s new syndicated judge show Swift Justice, which grabs 2 million. Are we looking at the first Oprah protege casualty? That Berkus seems more at ease selling his wares on HSN (below) than he does his own talk show (above) isn’t promising. Watching his celebrity interviews … I feel awkward for him.