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How Did James Foley Only Get 3.5 Years For Strangling Late Night ‘Tryst’ Partner To Death?

Because calling it a “secret gay tryst” makes for a more exciting headline, that’s what the lamestream media are calling the encounter between a one James Foley and Fathi Bouchareb — the former now convicted and sentenced to three and a half years for strangling the latter in London in March with a scarf. Murder charges were dropped down to a lesser manslaughter conviction by jurors.

Foley, a 21-year-old Brit, initially insisted he killed Bouchareb during the 26-year-old Algerian man’s attempt to steal his Rolex watch, except when all the facts came out jurors learned Foley, who recently got engaged to his girlfriend and had supposedly never done the gay thing before, met Bouchareb outside G-A-Y and went to nearby Bedford Square to hook up. That’s where Foley strangled Bouchareb, left him for dead (where the body was found in the morning), and returned to the strip club where his friends were.

So how did a guy who killed another man during a sexual encounter — gay panic!! — only get 3.5 years? Because it appears the sentencing judge bought his freakin’ story: “Although you were entitled to defend yourself against attack, what you in fact did went beyond reasonable self defence. You summoned no assistance. You left him for dead.” Uh, yeah, because that’s maybe not what actually happened?