How Does Raja’s Video Stack Up Against The Two Other Drag Race Winners’ Past Work?

Recent RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Raja has released a sexy, sexy song with an even sexier video where she serves up high glam in a leopard outfit with matching hat and gloves. She also rocks a bedazzled dress with a creepy-ass Black Swan crown. Raja’s genderfuck made her a stand out among the Drag Racers—and she doesn’t bother with fake tits or a feminine singing voice here either. She just puts on crazy head pieces showing that you don’t need a wig when you’ve got full-throttle style.

This video is also hella edgier than the musical adventures of BeBe Benet and Tyra Sanchez, the two first Drag Race winners.


The song Sanchez chose to a generic gay club hit. Yawn 2000.

BeBe’s video played off of her Cameroon roots, which got a little old after an entire season of her constantly defining her style through an African lens, but whatevs.

All three lady-boys totally deserved to win, but Raja continues to show the reason Ru chose her while the other two have pretty much plateaued and disappeared since their coronation day.