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How Much Gay Will Make It Into Torchwood: Miracle Day?

Let’s assume you have no idea what you just watched. Two guys kissing. Big whoop. Well, that’s from Torchwood, the spinoff series of the forever-running UK program(me) Doctor Who. It’s a sci-fi action series starring awesomely gay actor John Barrowman playing bisexual badass Captain Jack Harkness. It has been airing on BBC America and a new season, Torchwood: Miracle Day (concerning what happens when everybody on Earth stops dying) is coming to American network Starz on July 8. We’ve also covered both Barrowman and Torchwood a lot on this very site (note to you: click on any stories having to do with them and whole new worlds will open before you like exotic flowers).

But let’s say you do remember the steamy kiss above and that you remember all the other homosmooches over the course of Torchwood‘s three previous seasons (or two seasons and a miniseries, if you’re going to get all technical). And now you’re freaking out that everything will change in the American version and you’re threatening to go shout angry comments from the rooftops of the internet.

Well, don’t stress. Yes, there’s a leap in the show’s setting from Wales to Los Angeles and it’s a co-production between the BBC and Starz and the marketing, so far, has been constructed to appeal to newbies and give them a way into a universe that has-—in one incarnation or another—been on TV since before color programming.

But word on the inside is that it’s the Torchwood you already know and love has Captain Jack Harkness still making good on all his bisexual promise.

Meanwhile New York Magazine offers up a nice peek into the new season via first-person monologue  from character Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles). Hint to dealing with her: Don’t mistake the Welsh woman for English or you’ll get a knuckle sandwich.

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  • Glenn C Reimer

    Captain Jack Harkness is not bisexual. He’s pan- or omnisexual. All genders, all species. Very Vulcan of him actually: IDIC and all…

  • musicj48

    I’m glad someone said that Captain Jack isn’t bisexual. That’s the first thing i noticed in this post. He is, in fact, omni-sexual. He will hit on anything and everything that is a sentient being. And THAT is why he is so amazing :D

  • Enron

    They showed the first season on a local station here in the Caribbean. Jack had accidentally gone into the pass and couldn’t come back, but met up with an old soldier friend he fell in love with, but wasn’t sure if he was gay or not. I guess the TV station didn’t know that the series was gonna have a gay love story in the finale, but because the series was so interesting, they had to show all of it, but they tried to censor the gay love scenes with Jack kissing his friend. After this finale ended, there has been no word about whether they will be showing season 2. I guess the the homophobic people here complained not to show anymore of it.

    They never seemed to complain though about the episode in which a alien disguised as a woman had sex with every man just to get a high off their orgasm and watch them puff into smoke and ashes.

  • IAbuseGays

    Yeah, in the Bad Wolf he hit on a robot that was trying to kill him.

  • Elloreigh

    “How Much Gay Will Make It Into Torchwood: Miracle Day?”

    I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, the series is dead, and I have no interest in watching its zombified resurrection.

  • Austin

    Last season was great…..until
    they really pissed off all the loyal viewers with the ending of last season.
    Not sure I’m interested in becoming that emotionally invested in another.

  • Alex

    Indeed @Austin: I figured they removed Ianto from the equation so Gwen and Jack’s sexual tension could finally go somewhere… and I’m not interested in seeing that development. The decision smacks of heternormativity: why should the Gwen-Jack connection be the one that spans and shapes the series, instead of the Ianto-Jack one? It’s like saying that Ianto, along with Jack’s interest in men, was just a phase. Aaargh!

    I’ll probably end up watching the new series anyhow.

  • Rich

    Fuck Gwen, bitch should have died ages ago!

  • chpinnlr

    @Austin: agreed. But, like Alex I’ll prob end up watching it too!

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