breaking up

How to Get a Complete Stranger to Dump Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

It takes a special kind of shitty person to let somebody you’ve never met break up with your paramour for you, but that’s exactly what is for. Pay some guy named Bradley $10, and he’ll spend 10 minutes calling your soon-to-be ex and breaking the hard news that you’re over the relationship. (For $25, he’ll end your engagement; for $50 he’ll end your marriage.) Apparently he’s been offering his services for a while, as the above conversation, where Nate dumps Ben, was taped last year. Should we feel bad for listening in on the end of a relationship? Probably. But how can we not listen to Damien break up with Andrea because he’s realized he’s … not straight?

For the more reasonable out there, there are the resources of Good luck with that.